Photo: Silver cat winners.

This was our 3rd of 12 visits to La Marquesa this year, now we are getting used to the way they work and they are getting used to us, after a few teething problems at last months’ visit our secretary met with the clubs manager, the meeting obviously worked because this months’ visit went without a hitch.

The golf course continues to improve and is now in as good as or better than most courses on the Costa Blanca. Improvements include a new water feature on the 8th & 9th holes and some cosmetic work to a few of the bunkers, the greens and fairways were extremely good making for a very enjoyable day. Our list for next months’ visit is almost full, very encouraging!  

After the Brits recent win over the Vikings it was nice to have the “head” Viking in my group and along with the ever present “school teacher” Derek Sullivan a fair bit of banter made the round more than interesting especially when Derek reached the par 3 15th, it’s a tricky green Derek but not that tricky to 4 putt from just about a metre. Results; N.T.P.’s hole 5 Norbert Spaniol, hole 11 Head Viking Sverre Sonesen, hole 15 Joe Dean, hole 17 Alex Goslan. Best visitor O. Roervik 35 pts. yet again our recently joined member, Lee Williamson helped himself to the “2’s” pot of €36 him being the only member to make a “2” Bronze cat: 3rd  L. Jernberg 30 pts. 2nd A. Goslan 34, 1st L. Williamson 35. Silver cat: 3rd M. Kennedy 33 pts. 2nd J. Nielsen 35 pts. 1st L. Williamson 35 pts. on L/H. Gold cat: H. Woerdemann 34 pts. 2nd P. Kristiansen 35 pts. 1st N. Spaniol 36 pts.

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