Melody Makers International will be starting rehearsals for their next concert, The Sound of Musicals which will take place on 24.06.2017, as usual on the last Saturday of June. Choir members are still being stopped and complemented on the sensational Andrew Lloyd Webber concert that took place on the 28th January 2017.  Melody Makers next concert promises to be equally as good.

The Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber concert attracted many new members to the prestigious Melody Makers Choir. These new members were totally overwhelmed by the professionalism of Nigel Hopkins and how he managed to obtain the very best from every member of the choir.

They commented on how much they enjoyed and learned from every rehearsal, and the great feelings of success they felt performing to two packed houses. These new members fully echoed what long standing members of Melody Makers International have gained from being part of Nigel’s choir. What really surprised the newer singers was the genuine positive response and the glowing praised heaped on them by truly appreciative audiences.

Singing in a choir is a great hobby and makes you leave rehearsals feeling very uplifted and positively glowing and on a high after successful public performances. Research has shown that singing together is beneficial for health and mental well being, and certainly the discipline of learning lyrics and music is a great way of keeping your brain active and healthy.

Nigel Hopkins has three great choirs, Orihuela Costa Male Voice Choir that meets at La Zenia Church every Thursday at 11am and would love to welcome new members, In Harmony that is well into rehearsals for their next concert of Rutter’s Requiem  as well as Melody Makers International that meets every Tuesday at the New Asturias at 5.30pm.  These choirs raised over 10,000€ last year for various local charities and the local churches.

If you would like to sing with a great choir, help raise money for local charities, make new friends and develop a really engrossing hobby contact Nigel on 96 677 5976 or come along to rehearsals. It is not too late to be part of the next concert The Sound of Musicals.


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