The Presentation of the Caja Murcia Trophy to Heinz Lei

First of all my apologies for the lack of info on Friday’s game which was a 3 2 1. The winning team were Brian Dent, Terry Field , Maria Oldenziel and Hendrick Oldenziel with a score of 82pts.

On Monday we played a Texas Scramble and the winners with a very good score of 57.1pts. Were Geoff Biggerstaff, Ron Percival, Bryan Neal and Peter Radcliff.

Wednesday was our Caja Murcia Trophy Day and with the sun out and the shorts on, most people found scoring difficult on the fast greens, with the exception of Heinz Lei who came in with 38pts. to take the honours.

The results were as follows:

1st Heinz Lei 38pts, 2nd Ulrika Barth 33pts, 3rd Pete Dunn 32pts on countback, 4th John Dobson 32pts and 5th Jan Svendsen 30pts.

Well done to the 3 Category 2 players!

Nearest the pin for men on the 6th Lindsay Forbes, Nearest the pin for Ladies on the 6th Olga Douglas, Nearest the pin in 2 for men Tom Hardie on the 13th . Nearest the pin for ladies – no winner.

On Friday, in brilliant sunshine, what must be the hottest day of the year so far, we played The Counter Game and the team with the winning score of 92pts were Olga Douglas, John Collins, Terry Field and Geoff Biggerstaff.

The Picture shows The Presentation of the Caja Murcia Trophy to Heinz Lei


Mike Mahony


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