With reference to the ongoing Battle to save “Calla Mosca”, as the fight has been going on for several years now.

Isn’t it time that Orihuela City started to show some consideration to the wishes of people of the Costa and back them in this Battle. Or is it as so many people on the Costa believe that the Orihuela City council only see the Costa as a cash cow and offer nothing?
Yes we have a Town Hall which has a limited Police office and other Official offices to collect revenue. We also have a Suma Office to collect revenue.

Do we have an Ambulance Station NO. Do we have a Fire Station No.

Why because no revenue can be collected from these services. The same as some other services are denied to the habitants of the Costa. No Library, No Theatre, Nowhere to bury our loved one’s, the list goes on.

If Orihuela City continue to bury their heads in the sand this Battle may be the Last Straw to break the camels back. Orihuela Costa should seek to be either independent or governed by a closer municipality,could either San Miguel or Torrevieja do a better job?

So come on Orihuela City come out and support the Fight of the People support the Battle for Calla Mosca.

Or the fight may be against you?

TJ Sawkins


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