John Fleming, John Downie, Trevor Rollason and Andy Shuttle

We met the Monday night prior to this society event to organise the next days events. We had a full compliment of members and welcomed back Kedric Rhodes after his long absence due to breaking his leg. We also welcomed a couple of new members to the society showing how this society is growing my strength to strength, welcome boys.

We all met for breakfast at The Orange Tree, Cabo Roig before setting off for the golf course. On arrival we discovered that one member had to withdraw due to illness, causing us to change the format for the day. It was nice to be back at Saurines after its long closure due to the extreme weather we had before Christmas. The course was in good condition and the weather even better with sunshine and only a slight breeze. Even allowing some brave souls to wear shorts.

We then all returned to home base, The Orange Tree bar and restaurant xfor refreshments and prize giving. We must thank Chris and his staff for the service and beautiful stew.

The winners on the day, as shown in the picture, were John Fleming, John Downie, Trevor Rollason and Andy Shuttle with 96 points, 2nd were Simon Sharples, Jack Sheridan, John Burgess and Stuart Robertson with 88 points. NTP´s went to Chris Blown (6th), John Burgess (14th) and Pete Curly (18th). After his recent improvement in form John Fleming received a cut to his hándicap, which id dropping on a regular basis. Well played John.

The next society event is on Tuesday 7th March, we meet between 5pm-6pm the Monday prior to pay and organise the day. The entry sheet is available within the restaurant for members and guests to entry. Or email us on

Details of future events can be found within the golf section of the restaurant website at


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