T.M.G.S. @ALENDA GOLF 22/2/17


Alenda Golf, is it easy to find? Well Bill Gillies didn’t think so. He duly followed the “sat nav” in his English car and as we all know that even Spanish “sat navs” have problems when trying to find golf courses and it didn’t appear to him that he may be on the wrong road until he saw the signs for “Benidorm” by the time he had realised and turned round he arrived just in time to see our last 4 ball tee off!

Now we do try to encourage our members to arrive 45 mins BEFORE their tee time just in case incidents like this happen. Upon arrival for our very convenient tee time of 10am we were greeted by a slightly warmer day with almost no wind, perfect for the last round of our Annual Medal Stableford. But we all know that around that 1pm it begins to blow and that happened just as we began the back nine which you may know is the highest part of the course and also the tightest.

The scores confirmed this, most players had good front nines but there were many ugly 10’s 12’s and even a 13 on some of the more difficult holes on the back nine. As a committee we do our very best to be well organised so that our members can just turn up pay their dues, collect their card READ the local rules for the day where they would also find on what par 3 the N.T.P.was for their category before they go to play.

Their score card also has this information on it along with the format of the competition. It was to some surprise to a handful of members when handing in their cards only to be told that they had been disqualified for not completing every hole. Oh! Wasn’t it a Stableford? Added to that some members fail to look at the N.T.P. marker on the green where it states the category for that par3 although they do manage write their names on it even when it is NOT for them! Come people 10am is not so early in the morning!

Today’s Results: N.T.P. Hole 3 B. Watson, hole 5 Pat O’Dowd but the wrong category, hole 13 J. Eyre, hole 16 J. Hillier. Per Arne Skarnes won the €32 contained in the “’s” pot. Bronze cat. 3rd B. Wylie 80, 2nd J. Hillier 72, 1st R. Hagfoss 70. Silver cat. 3rd R. Nilsen 76 L/H, 2nd A. Rickers 74, 1st A. Rixson 74 L/H. Gold cat. 3rd K. Aasebo 79, 2nd B. Watson 76, 1st S. Sonesen 70. Photo: Gold cat. Winners.Society information can be found at www.tmgs.org or www.facebook.com/TMGSGOLF  or @TMGSGOLF mobile 661 524 101


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