Winners 3rd February 2017 001

On the 3rd February Montgo Golf Society played a Yellow Ball competition at Oliva Nova, kindly sponsored by Alan Webster. This is a team stableford game, where a team of four take´s it in turns to play the yellow ball, which counts for double points on the holes it is played. Once the ball is lost the opportunity to score these double points is also lost, and of the nine yellow balls that started the competition only six made it home.

The team of Colin Foster, Roy Jones, Gordon Gleeson, and Liz Grin made a miserable attempt at looking after their ball. On the first hole Colin Foster played the yellow ball, scored no points, but did not lose it. On the second hole Roy Jones played the yellow ball, scored no points but did not lose it.

On the third hole Gordon Gleeson played the yellow ball, scored no points but did not lose it. On the fourth hole Liz Grin, obviously fed up with this chain of events, hit the yellow ball in to the lake, never to be seen again!

The teams who looked after their yellow ball were by far the most successful. In first place, with a score of 140 points, were the team of Michel Grin, Feli Baybut, Stella Fox, and Arthur Burrows, beating the team of Sally Burrows, Simon Fox, Ian Bonsor, and Tom Atkinson by just one point. Nearest the pin on the 3rd went to Liz Grin and on the 16th Francien Knoops, whilst Liz and Gerian van Ooijen scored the only 2’s of the day.

Our next event is on Friday 17th February, when we will be playing a stableford competition at Oliva Nova, sponsored by Wolfgang Schuster.


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