Bronze category winners

WOW! What a difference a week makes here on the Costas, last Wednesday we couldn’t play because of the SNOW, this week we played in short sleeve shirts at La Manga! As always the course was in excellent condition including the superfast greens.

It’s curious that this course is not any longer than any of the others that we play, in fact the fairways are more than generously wide and yet on each visit it seems that we fail to score well, therefore the conclusion is that it must be the speed and undulating greens that must be the reason for this.

An example is that a recently retired school teacher managed to just reach double figures in his Stableford round until he reached the 16th on which he managed to make the green in regulation but leaving him a 35 ft. downhill putt with the water hazard lingering close to the edge of the green, the comments from his fellow competitors was, if this doesn’t hit the hole Derek it’s going swimming, of course it was the only putt he made all day but this birdie was worth 4 points to him.

Results;- N.T.P.’s Jim Davidson, Joe Dean, Arne Fagerold and Ian Sutehall, Joe Dean was the only player to make a “2” so the €37 in the pot went to him. Bronze category results; – 3rd J. Hillier 19 pts. 2nd L. Jernberg 20 pts. 1st D. Kirkham 29 pts. Silver category; 3rd M. Kennedy 27 pts. 2nd S. Sonesen 27 pts. L/H 1st A. Kilnes 29 pts. Gold category; 3rd E. Sheridan 28 pts. 2nd R. Eiken 32 pts. 1st B. Watson 34 pts.

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Photo: Bronze category winners


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