The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, said on Monday that it was the Generalitat and not the City Council that, in September 2015, insisted that the Municipal Theatre had to remain closed until it obtained a municipal opening license, something that had previously been denied by the PP. 

In the letter, in addition to highlighting a serious infringement enforced by the regional police in 2014, the fact that the previous government kept the building open without a license, it is further stated that a 6,000 euros fine was imposed because of a lack of suitable insurance.

The mayor said that since he came into power, a little under 2 years ago, he has always maintained ‘total transparency’ on all aspects relating to the operation and subsequent closure of the theatre. He said that he cannot understand why the opposition PP continue in their attempts to score political points when everybody in the city knows that it is they who are responsible for the current situation.

He confirmed that the theatre would not reopen until all of the health and safety recommendations had been completed and the correct license had been issued by the relevant authority.

In response a PP spokesman refuted the statement by the mayor regarding insurance cover for the theatre saying that it wasn’t insured separately but through a block policy which covered all municipal buildings. He further stated that although the policy wasn’t produced at the time of the inspection it was supplied to the authorities some days later.


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