Local residents enjoying the Fun Quiz

A magnificent 251 Euros has been raised by “Cafe – Bar Almoradi”  at the Fun Quiz in the centre of Almoradi, in aid of the not so well known charity for sufferers with Huntington’s Disease.

The quiz was a very close fought contest which was narrowly won by Mazza’s Masterminds, who were “surprised and delighted” by their victory.

Huge thanks go to Martin and Christine Watkins for devising and running the quiz.

HD sufferers Peter Barton and David Smith
HD sufferers Peter Barton and David Smith

Bar owner, Maria Silverthorne and her partner Chas, who provided Tapas for the quizzers,  during the interval, in addition to donating vouchers for a Meal for 2 at one of their Bistro Nights and Sunday Lunch for 2,  were once again delighted with this “sold out event” .

“We are more than happy to help raise awareness of Huntington’s Disease, as we know sufferers, David and Peter well but can only imagine half of what they and their families have to go through living with this awful disease” .

“Chas and I, are very much looking forward to hosting it again”.

Huntington’s Disease is a hereditary terminal illness affecting both men and women, which destroys the pathways between the brain and the rest of the body, resulting in uncontrollable movements, loss of speech, incontinence and loss of memory function, to name but a few symptoms.  It also causes changes in personality and depression.

Huntington’s Disease destroys everything that makes us recognisable as human beings and there is currently no cure

Any child of an affected parent has a 50 per cent risk of inheriting the affected gene.  Anyone inheriting the affected gene will develop HD.

It has already claimed the life of David’s father, Vic and is now affecting him and his younger brother Gary.  Peter’s brother has already died from the illness and his son was recently  tested positive at the age of  just 30.

If you would like to get involved with organising a fundraising event for HD in your area, or know someone who is affected by Huntington’s Disease, then please contact Marion Smith on 651 043 681




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