SMGS at LAS COLINAS 11/01/17

Tony Smale 34 pts earned him top spot.

38 members and a one guest added up to a field of ten flights doing Stableford battle at one of the area’s top courses. Slick greens, some very tight pin positions and very tight lies along with the windy conditions meant it was a tough day to score at Las Colinas. 

Only 5 players cracked the 30 point barrier and top score in the whole field was only 34 shared by Ron Stenhouse and Tony Smale which emphasized the trickiness of the day. At least the chill soon went out of the morning air once the sun heated up and added a touch of warmth. 

There were three single first round match-play knockout games took place with John Aitchinson beating Hugh Reilly 4&2, Bjorn Pettersson beating his wife Eve 3&1 and the other game saw Theo Boelhouwer eliminate Phil deLacy by a 4 & 2 margin.

In the day’s main competition NTP’s went to Roger Webb (Hole 5), Carmell McCann (Hole 7), Theo Boelhouwer (Hole 10), Eve Pettersson (Hole 14) and Richard McCann (Hole 17). 

Bronze category’s top five were Jacqui Rust 25 points, 4th on c/b also with 25 points, Michael Inns, 3rd on 28, Marge Birtwistle, 2nd with 32 Carmel McCann and Ron Stenhouse taking top spot with 34 points. 

Silver division saw John Aitchinson with 27 points 5th, also with 27 winning on c/b Theo Boelhouwer in 4th, Ken Flaherty got 3rd with 28, Geoff Giddey took 2nd with 30and Linda Cain took 1st place with 31 points. 

Gold division saw Glyn Denman with 28 points in 5th position, Stephen Locke 4th with 29, in 3rd position was Barry Roehrig with 33 the same score as Paul Guest 2nd and Tony Smale 34 earned him top spot. 

The best front 9 not in the prizes with 17 points was Norman Mcbride and the best back nine also with 17 points was Roger Cain on c/b.

The Abacus was won by Roger Webb.

Go to for full details of all society matters or simply give Barry Roehrig a ring on 966 731 033 to find out about our future games, at which visitors are made very welcome. Next weel we are at La Serrena.


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