Due to the December Medal being rained off on Thursday 12th January in glorious sunshine Eurogolf played their first medal of the year off the plates. The January medal is to be rescheduled.

Although the course was in great condition, totally recovered from the recent flooding and the weather conditions were perfect for golf only one person managed to break par. Cat 1 (0-17) 1st Tony Forbes 74 c/b 2nd Pete Cleaver 74 3rd John Barraclough 76 Cat 2 (18-23) 1st Clive Peck 75 2nd  Jim Weston 81 3rd Gary Grierson 82 Cat 3 (23+) 1st Bev Fairhurst 69 2nd Ken Brett 76 c/b 3rd Chris Stanley 76 Overall winner Bev Fairhurst Best front 9 Ed Silvester 35 Best back 9 Sharon Horner 34 NTPs  5th Gary Grierson   11th  Pino Perito 12th in 2 Tony Forbes 15th  Tony Forbes 17th   Sharon Horne. Football draw Clive Horne Steve Darlington George McCallum Kevin Bonser and Debbie Weedon


On Tuesday 10th January nearly 70 players took part in the Toffs stableford competition. The course was really dry with not even the usual condensation and some of us had difficulty with the fast pace of the greens.

On the plus side we did get a bit of a run on the fairways. Cat 1 (0-15) 1st Tony Forbes 40  2nd Ian Pegg 36 3rd Malcolm Foskett 34 Cat 2 (16-19) 1st John Kirkwood 35 2nd Ian Turner 32 c/b  3rd Stan Low 32 Cat 3 (20-23) 1st Gordon Bourne 40 2nd Ken Enever 32 3rd Steve Darlington 31 Cat 4 (24-36) 1st Lauraine Walker 33 2nd Bev Fairhurst 32 3rd Marion Quin 31 Overall Toffs winner Gordon Bourne Best front 9 Robin Richards 17 Best back 9 Sue Gillette 18 NTPs 5th Michael Wright 11th Ed Silvester 12th in 2 Pete Gartside 15h David Gregson  17th Gloria manning  Football draw Debbie Weedon Marion Quin Keith Wright Monique Reeve and Norman Woods

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