El hombre avión at the entrance to the airport

After purchasing a 20 year lease for 24.5 million Euros less than 3 years ago the Canadian group SNC-Lavalin has now decided to cede the management of Castellon Airport to the French business group Edeis

Edeis, with its airport division in Monaco and France, already manages 19 Gallic and Spanish aerodromes, among them that of Vilanova d’Alcolea.

Born of the association of Cidad – a French investment fund – and the French holding company Impact Holding the company is led by the charismatic businessman Jean-Luc Schnoebelen.

However the handover has already raised doubts in the Gallic country, which fears that 1,100 jobs could be at risk.

Castellón airport was opened in March 2011 by the then presidents of the Generalitat and the Valencian Council Francisco Camps and Carlos Fabra, respectively, and in 2015 began operating its first scheduled flights.