Photo. Silver category winners.

Yes, we are scheduled to play here the 1st Wednesday in every month for the whole of 2017. We have a completely new schedule and are making frequent visits to those courses that give us a warm welcome, so out with the old and in with the new!

This course is improving on every visit, the 6th green is now back in play and the fairways are in great condition added to that it took our first group just 4 hrs. 5 mins, to play the 3rd round of our Annual Medal Trophy, yes just 4hrs. 5 mins.

That’s the big advantage of an early start. It must be said that the “medal” format is not the most favoured by the membership, but once in a while it has to be done. It is obvious that this format is more suited to the lower handicappers and for that reason the competition will undergo a revision before next years’ competition begins. 

Before I can move on the results for this week’s competition I feel that I must draw your attention to firstly the misfortune and the good fortune within just a few minutes of recently retired school teacher, Derek Sullivan, obviously he has quite accustomed himself to having all of this free time on his hands and as he admits he will be playing a lot of golf from now on.

So Derek firstly you have to learn how to pace yourself, taking 17 shots on the par 4 5th and then claiming nearest the pin on the 6th is just a little too erratic !

N.T.P. Results, hole 4 Nada, Hole 6 D. Sullivan, hole 10 Captain J. Eyre, hole 15was the grandson of Viking Ole Rong, Helge Rong, hole 17 was new member C. Pedersen. There was a massive €122 in the “2’s” pot that being after several rollovers, Mick Kennedy was the only lucky winner! Best guest. J. MacKay nett 80, Bronze category 3rd J. Hillier 82 L/H, 2nd C. Marsden 78, 1st H. Rong 74. Silver category, 3rd F. Kras 78, 2nd A. Rickers 77, 1st J. Eyre 69. Gold category, 3rd C. Pedersen 79, 2nd R. Eiken 77, 1st B. Watson 74.

For further information about our Society visit or forthcoming event, 25/1717 La Manga south course.


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