The Solstice this year was celebrated by 33 people at the Avenida restaurant in Puerto.

The Solstice this year was celebrated by 33 people at the Avenida restaurant in Puerto. The day began with coffee and chat, soon followed by the start of proceedings proper, the quiz, devised and hosted by member Deryck Davison and his little elf helper, score keeper (and wife), Margaret.

We were seriously impressed by the level of preparation undertaken, with high quality score sheets, three separate picture rounds, each in it´s own beautifully decorated differently coloured envelope, and a very smart Joker card , for each team. Clearly a quiz of quality.

So the first round was general knowledge, which lulled us into a false sense of security, as all teams scored quite highly. We were soon disabused, as we undertook sections which seemed to most of us to be of ever increasing difficulty. More coffee and toast at the halfway point helped to sustain us.

This was also the time for explanations of our sun related gifts of food and toiletries for the GoMad charity. The winner of the prize, for the most ingenious explanation of how his gift was related to the sun, received a bottle of Anis El Mono, which has connections to Charles Darwin. All good humanist fun.

Our celebrations concluded with a good lunch, as they usually do, and well deserved thanks to Deryck and Margaret for a really good day

Boxing Day Walk

Congratulations to our Totana members Rick and Carole for organising a great walk and good walking weather on 26th December.

The walk was in the foothills of the Sierra Espuñas and geared for the Easy walking group. We had 27 members, friends and visitors including  Spanish friends from Ontinyent who had just recently formed their own humanist group. There was also a good representation of visitors from the UK enjoying our beautiful seasonal weather.

At the half way stage Rhian quoted from a recent BHA article drawing attention to the problem and dangers of educating girls as seen by a certain sect of the Jewish religion. As humanists we are against such discrimination and actively campaign against such treatment.

Lunch was held at La Cruz restaurent, where Manel, one of our guests from Ontinyent outlined his plans for the future of his group.


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