We are looking forward to meeting you and becoming a Foxy Lady.

How many of you remember Women of Fire?  This group consisted of ladies that were in business or recently retired and we met once a month to network, support each other in every business need, have speakers within the group and all done over an enjoyable lunch. Many ladies came every month and found the group helpful to them for various reasons.  

After seven years, sadly Women of Fire have now extinguished but out of the ashes FOXY LADIES have risen and we are having our first lunch on Friday 27th January at The Banana Tree in Quesada.

As Foxy Ladies, the lunches will be informative, fun, a relaxed way of lunching but still supporting each other.  You don´t have to be in business to attend but be like-minded so please bring along a friend or colleague so that we can have a good number attending each month. 

The difference will be that we can discuss amongst ourselves the direction that we can take, and ways of raising money for charities and that some of you may want to organise the lunch venue of your choice at times. If you do have a business and want to promote any event, or promotion and want to speak to the group, then that will be encouraged each time…so bring leaflets and cards.  Any charity is encouraged too to come along too so we can learn more about the work done

If you are interested in becoming a Foxy Lady and want to come along to our first lunch on the 27th January, or at a later date, please note that we will meet on the last Friday of each month at different restaurants.  Please contact Christine Quinlan, founder,  on 966 795 103 or contact me on… or I need an email address to send the invite to.

We are looking forward to meeting you and becoming a Foxy Lady.


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