Best Tips for Winning on Online Pokies

Best Tips for Winning on Online Pokies
Best Tips for Winning on Online Pokies

Although we all wish there was a magical formula to always win playing online pokies – that’s not the case. While we don’t have a magic formula, we’ve curated a list of the best tips for winning on online pokies.

If you’ve ever played poker machines, you know they can eat a bankroll real quick, especially the progressive jackpot pokies that have become so popular in the last several years with online casino players.

Return to Player (RTP) Percentages

A lot of new players often focus on the wrong features when choosing pokies, such as the theme. While playing on a machine you enjoy is important, there are more important features, such as the return to player percentage.

Most online pokies will have a RTP of 90%+ with some reaching up to 97%+. Obviously the lower variance pokies will not allow you to win huge payouts, but these pokies are great if you’re working on clearing a bonus.

Pokies Bonuses

That brings us to our next point, which is to ensure you’re getting a bonus on every deposit.

When you play online pokies for money, you’re going to be able to get a bonus at any online casino worth playing with. If the casino doesn’t offer reload bonuses to poker machine players, you need to find a new casino.

Bonuses have a wagering requirement. For example, a 100% bonus for up to $500 might have a 40x rollover on the size of the bonus, which would mean you need to wager 500 * 40 ($20,000) to clear the bonus.

That might sound like a lot, but wagering requirements go by quickly when playing online pokies.

Adjust Bet Sizes

Don’t be afraid to adjust your bet sizes while playing online pokies.

If you’re winning, you should increase your bet per spin in order to ride the wave. Hot streaks come and go quickly, so you need to take advantage of them and make the most profit, which is done by betting more.

With that being said, if you’re losing, don’t be afraid to lower your bet size. If you’re already betting the minimum on the poker machine then you should play another pokie with a lower minimum bet.

Test Out New Pokies Using Play Money

We recommend testing out new pokies with play money, as you want to learn the features. A lot of new pokies today are packed with features and bonus rounds where it helps if you know what you’re doing.

You can play free online pokies at or most online casinos will offer them too.

Should I Play Progressive Jackpot Pokies?

The return to player percentage on progressive jackpot pokies is lower than other pokies. This means that progressive pokies payout less often than other pokies, but there’s a very small chance you could win millions on a single spin.

While the chance of winning millions is tempting, you should understand that a small bankroll will be eaten up quickly more often than not. For this reason, progressive jackpot pokies are recommended for players with deeper bankrolls.

These five tips for winning on online pokies should guide you in the right direction. Remember to always play within your means and don’t make deposits into an online casino unless you can absolutely afford to lose it if things go bad.



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