Entries can be made through until December 22.

Rather than wait for 1 January to begin that New Year resolution, if you want to start shedding those unwanted pounds a few days earlier you might be pleased to learn that the ninth edition of the City of Orihuela Cross Nocturne will be celebrated on Christmas Night.

Personally I can think of better things to occupy my Christmas Day but for those of you with other ideas the run gets underway at 9pm.

Not surprisingly, according to the Councillor for Sport, Dámaso Aparicio, this is the only night race held in the city which is being organiszed by the Local Police Association “Virgen de Monserrate” and together with collaboration from the Council and Club Atlético Oriol de Athletics.

Manuel Lorente, President of the Police association, said that the organisers were hopeful that they would better the almost 1000 runners that took part in the event last year although I for one will not be counting.

Entries can be made through until December 22.



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