The 3rd Round of the winter series was fished on the El Bosquet fishery, on 8th December


At the  Sunday Meeting on 4th December, I  Resigned from the Club, after serving 10 years as President. This means my duties will cease on 31st December 2016.

At the same time Angela  Resigned as Treasurer  having served 11 years on the Committee in various positions.  A very large part of our lives has been spent fulfiling our various roles over the years, so now we can  look forward to spending many hours  on other interests that we have.

The 3rd Round of the winter series was fished  on   the El Bosquet fishery, on 8th December. Winner on the day was Tom Marshall with 6.02kg, second was Dave Hoare with 4.44kg, third  was Steve Fell with 3.58kg and in fourth place  Steve Collis with 2.98kg. 11 anglers caught.

The next match on 15th December is the Fur and Feather- a one off match

held every year prior to Christmas.  This will be on the Eden Canal low numbers . Some peg clearing is necessary, so please come along on Monday December 12th at 8.30.

The last Sunday meeting of the year will be on December 18th, with the Committee meeting at 10.30 followed by the General meeting at 11.00.

The Clubs home is the Bar El Alto La Dolores which is to be found just off the N332 between Guardamar and La Mata.

For further information visit the website or see us on facebook- CARP-R-US FISHING COSTA BLANCA.