On Thursday 17th November 60 players took part in Eurogolf’s monthly stableford off the plates. It was a beautiful sunny day for the time of the year and lovely conditions for golf but unfortunately nobody managed to break par. The results were as follows Cat 1 1st Colin Daye-Gretton 35  2nd Arty Crammon 34 3rd Fred Reeve 33 Cat 2 1st BNob Shorley 34 c/b 2nd Debbie Weedon 34 3rd Gloria Manning 33 Cat 3 1st Bruce Gordon 35 2nd Ken Brett 33  3rd Phyllis Venables 32 Cat 4 1st Chris Stanley 33 2nd Ed Sylvestre 31 c/b 3rd EamonnDivine 31 NTPs 5th Pino Perito 11th  Sue Gillette 15th Colin Daye-Gretton 17th George McCallum Best front 9  Peter Gartside 19 Best back 9 Norman Woods 20 November Stableford winner Bruce Gordon Football draw David Valentine Gina Ashworth Ian Stewart Sharon Horne and Norman Woods



On Tuesday 15th November Toffs played in a sunny but blustery day and the results were Cat 1 1st Robin Richards 38 2nd John Barraclough 34 3rd Bill Martin 34c/b Cat 2 Gary Grierson 36 2nd Clive Peck 35 3rd Ian Turner 33 Cat 3 1st John Cross 34 2nd Gordon Bourne 33 3rd Bob Shorley 32 Cat 4 1st Chris Stanley 32 2nd Eamonn Divine 30 c/b 3rd Lauraine Walker 30 NTPs 5th Morag Turner 11th Colin Willis 12th in 2 Fred Reeve 15th Ian Turner 17th Arty Crammon Best front 9 Ian Pegg 20 Best back 9 Arty Crammon 19 CBA -.0 Football draw Eamonn Divine Pete Gartside Phyllis Venables John Kirkwood and Chris Stanley.

If you would like to play with Eurogolf at La Marquesa Tuesdays and Thursdays please visit the website


We started the week with a 6x6x6 with one score counting on the first 6 holes, two on the second 6 and three on the final 6 holes. The winners with 82 pts were Bryan Neal, Benedicte Kruse, Yvonne Phipps and Peter Radcliffe.


On Wednesday we played our normal weekly stableford competition in bright sunny conditions but with the men’s tees well back scoring overall was fairly low with 33 pts being the top score. The top 3 players in each Category were as follows:

Cat 1. 1st Hendrick Oldenziel 33 pts (c/b) 2nd Benedicte Kruse 33 pts 3rd John Shervell 32 pts

Cat 2. Rod Doel 32 pts 2nd Ulrike Barth 31 pts 3rd Yvonne Phipps 28 pts

2’s Club: Rod Doel, Peter Radcliffe and Joke Heutink

This Thursday we held our Annual Presentation Lunch at The Las Ramblas Restaurant where we were again provided with an excellent lunch by the restaurant staff. The photograph above shows this years competition winners and a full list is provided below.

Caja Murcia Challenge Trophy – Ulrike Barth

Medal Champion (4 from 6) – Gents: Tom Hardie – Lady’s Ulrike Barth

Pairs Trophy – Joyce McClusky and Ulrike Barth

Captain’s Day Trophy – Annemarie Weisheit and Jan Svendsen

President’s Day Trophy – Mike Chapman

Singles Match Play Knockout – Tom Hardie

Pairs Match Play Knockout – Doug Wright and Brian Dent

Stableford Week – Tom Hardie

6 Card Joker Stableford Eclectic – Lindsay Forbes

Poppy Day Trophy – Dave Pulling

Memorial Trophy – Doug Wright and Pete Dunn

Gent’s Club Champion – Lindsay Forbes (Gross) Bryan Neal (Net)

Lady Club Champion (Gross and Net) – Yvonne Phipps

Most Consistent Player – Terry Field

Trophy for Lowest Score – Marleen Billen (Net 62)

It would be remiss of me not to thank our hard working Committee whose efforts often go unnoticed – Doug Wright (President), Lindsay Forbes (Comp Sec), Bryan Neal (Handicap Sec), Joyce McClusky (Treasurer) and of course our hard working Secretary Dee Biggerstaff.

On Friday we played a Waltzer (1-2-3) which was won with a very good score of 85 pts by the team of Bryan Neal, Brian Staines, Jan Svendsen and Benedicte Kruse. In second with 83 pts were Mike Chapman, Brian Dent, Brian Townend and John Shervell.

Mike Chapman


Nearly forty of us took on what for many members was a near 2 hour round trip to sample the delights of a course that has always been on our circuit but less so over the past few years. The recent new owners tempted us with a very attractive deal which included the use of their new buggy fleet.


Altorreal sits on the far side of Murcia and has always been, like so many other courses, a little tricky to find, so the intensive heavy road works in the vicinity added a little to the difficulty. Once at our destination it became evident that the new owners were using a little more than a “new broom” on their acquisition with improvement work underway in several places.

Top score of the day was a mere 34 with the vast majority not even reaching the 30’s which emphasizes the tough conditions, but the weather certainly couldn’t be blamed as it was a warm, sunny November day. The “curse of our courses” in this part of the world is crowned holes and here was no exception, each one needed a good thump with a huge, flat shovel – as did the guy who cut them without using a board to keep the surrounding ground level. 3 shots to get on the green followed by 3 putts was a common complaint.

As if this game isn’t tough enough, many of the fairways have been reduced in width by allowing the “first cut” to encroach in strategic places…..that’s fair enough to add a subtle degree of difficulty but you don’t have to set the mowers to just a millimetre or two deeper than a golf ball. On many an occasion a good drive could be severely punished if it rolled off the fairway into the first cut never to be seen again, unless you were lucky enough to spot it from directly above!

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable day and before we get branded as the VMGS (Victor Meldrew Golf Society) I must say what lovely beer is served in the clubhouse….lovely, but a bit expensive!!

Best guest was Gary Garbett with a respectable 31 and “Nearest the Pins” on the par 3’s went to Norman Cahill, Steve Fleet, Steve Higgins and Eva Pettersson.

The prize-winners in the bronze category were: 5th– Norman McBride 26, 4th– Keith Stevenson 26 (C/B), 3rd– Kyrre Skarsmoen 27, 2nd– Chris Hamblett 30, 1st Brian Mulligan 34.

The prize-winners in the silver category were: 5th– Norman Cahill 30, 4th-Keith Wickham 32, 3rd – Phil de Lacy 33, 2nd – Hugh Reilly 34, 1st – Ken Flaherty 34 (C/B).

The prize-winners in the gold category were: 5th– Tony Smale 29, 4th – John Osborne 29 (C/B), 3rd – Theo Boelhouwer 30, 2nd – Eva Pettersson 31, 1st – John Aitchinson 32.

Our thanks go to the staff at Altoreal golf course for their contribution to the day.

Keep up to date with all SMGS matters by logging on to our website or simply give Barry Roehrig a call on 966 731 033 to find out more about the society and its weekly golf get-togethers. Next week we will be at La Finca.

T.M.G.S. 2@ VILLAMARTIN 16/11/16

36 members and guests arrived at Villamartin to what can only be described as perfect weather for a days’ golf. The course was I good condition with the greens being particularly tricky, one member even admitted to taking 6 putts on the 17th and she still managed 33 points to win the Bronze category.


Our Viking members didn’t appear to be on their best form, maybe they are saving themselves for the Viking Trophy Match play competition next week at La Manga. In the last match the Brits. Won by a considerable margin but one never knows in this game! Today’s results; N.T.P.’s; Hole 6 C. Oatley, Hole 9 Pearl Sabine, Hole 13 Les Wilton, Hole 17 Ole Nygaard. The “2’s” pot this week was shared between Pearl and Dave Lethaby, €16 ea. Best of the 2 guests was V. Hughes with just 18 points. Bronze category, 3rd L. Holmberg 25pts. 2nd A. Goslan 28 pts. 1st G. Handeland 33 pts. Silver category, 3rd J. Davidson 33 pts. 2nd A. Rickers 33 pts. L/H 1st L. Zellman 34 pts. Gold category, 3rd D. Lethaby 30 pts. L/H, 2ND H. Steele 34 pts. 1st Captain John Eyre 35 pts. Photo; N.T.P. Winners. To find out more about enjoying a game with us please visit or


New Sierra Golf 11.11.16

So a last minute change of golf course saw our players play at New Sierra Golf course. On a very windy day, no players took the opportunity of a 2, so the 2s is a roll over for our next event at Villamartin. With just 2 nearest the pins this week being sponsored by The Alehouse, Hole 6 and hole 12 were won by Kevin Rose, taking 25€ of bar vouchers.  Simon Nutz was very happy to collect his prize of wine for coming last, with 17 points.

In third place with his handicap of 13, saw Kevin Rose score a great 31 points collecting 25€, Kevin Adamson with his handicap of 16, coming second on countback also with an impressive 31 points collected 40€ and our winner saw Nick Peach coming in with an amazing 32 points with his handicap of 23, collecting 50€. Great day had by all and our next event is Friday 25th at Villamartin 8:04 Tee off, numbers are limited so if you wish to play please add your name ASAP. Contact us by email on or via Facebook, the plaza golf society or pop into the Alehouse.



As the previous week, late withdrawals again necessitated a change of format for

the club’s Tuesday competition. This time a ‘Yellow Ball’ team game was changed

to an individual ‘Joker’ competition on the 15th November.

Nearest the pins : Hole 5 – Lyn Young, Hole 9 – Keith Smith.

3rd Place – Handicap 12, John, a guest – 38 Points. 2nd Place – Handicap 5, Ian Craig – 39 Points. 1st Place – Handicap 12, Claude de Wamme – 44Points.

If anyone would like to join our Society, we play at El Plantio Golf Club on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. We use both courses – the Par 3 nine hole course and the main 18 hole course, so we cater for all abilities. The membership rates are very competitive, so call for more details. Anyone who wishes to play in the Society as a guest or join as a new member, contact Ian Henderson on 966 716 616 or 636 116 230.

Regards, David Swann