Torrevieja streets are regularly flooded

Torrevieja mayor, José Manuel Dolon, said that at the last Board Meeting of Agamed, the committee agreed the need for  “major infrastructure works to be carried in the city to resolve the problems of channelling storm water.”

“This was work”, he said “that should have been carried out many years ago before the massive urbanization of the town”.

Dolon was told that there are two major networks that need urgent attention; one is la cuenca oeste, with a budget of nearly 17.8 million euros and the other, the storm water drainage project parallel to the CN -332 costing 9.895.856 euros.

La cuenca oeste, the western basin, in recent years, has been massively urbanized without the developers having been required to carry out the necessary improvements to the  infrastructure.  There have been significant changes with a major reduction to the area of natural terrain, which has been replaced by more impervious surfaces, roads, buildings, etc. , disrupting the normal flow of water as many of the natural channels have disappeared.

Dolon made it clear that ” the City Council is solely responsible for the financing and execution of these works, because it is a problem that we alone we have generated.”

In a statement to the press, he advocated “we must take on the challenge, we have a problem and we have to solve it as a matter of some urgency because every time we have heavy rains our residents, the taxpayers, have the same problems, many of their urbanisations, parks and roadways flooding under the heavy deluge of storm water.