The Museum of Sacred Art in Orihuela has recently introduced a new audioguide that allows visitors to enjoy a tour of its exhibition with a recorded spoken commentary which provides background, context, and information on the exhibits being viewed in the different areas and rooms.

According to the director, Jose Antonio Martinez, it is a great step forward and will make visits to the museums by non Spanish speaking residents and visitors much more informative and enjoyable.

The system will be further developed with the future addition of interactive whiteboards in each of the separate rooms, which will provide access to additional information of different pieces that are displayed.

The audioguide, which has developed over the past three months, is available in Spanish, English and Italian and partially in French. It is hoped to be able to provide a commentary in Valenciano in the coming weeks.

Creator Pablo López, said that the intention is to create a network of audio guides to facilitate cultural information to tourists in all city museums and cultural buildings.

The new resource was introduced by the director of the Museum of Sacred Art, Juan Antonio Martínez, during World Tourism Day under the theme of ‘promoting universal accessibility’.

Orihuela’s  Museum of Sacred Art is situated by the Palacio Episcopal de Orihuela. It is opened from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm and on Sunday from 10am to 2pm. More information at: or by phone: 966 74 36 27


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