Interested in Astronomy? Come to the MOONWATCH You may remember that last month we invited people to come and view Saturn through our telescopes. This proved to be very popular and was a great success. We would now like to invite you all to view the Moon.

We are all familiar with the appearance of the Moon up there in the sky that we usually forget what it is – a completely separate world, orbiting Earth, out there in space. The Moon is one celestial object that never fails to impress when seen through a telescope.

Its our nearest neighbour in space – big, bright and beautifully bleak and just a quarter of a million miles away. When observed through binoculars or telescope. the terminator [the line that separates sunlight and shadow] makes the lunar landscape stand out in stark relief. Mountains, craters and valleys look especially steep and rugged because the low Sun makes every hill cast a long dramatic shadow.

The event will take place on Punta Prima Promenade, just up from the Nautilus Restaurant on 13th October 2016 from 8:45pm onwards .

Vega Baja Astronomy Group –

The group meets the second Wednesday of each month at 2:30pm at Casa Tom on Avenida Jaca, San Luis.


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