In collaboration with the Provincial de Alicante, San Fulgencio Council has launched a Drug Addiction Prevention Program through it’s Department of Social Services.

The program, called “The prevention of addictions amongst high school students” will take place in the Secondary School of San Fulgencio during school hours, for students in groups 3 and 4 of the ESO, aged 14 and 15 years. There will be a total 10 workshops per group and a total of three groups. They will be held on 13, 15, 20, 22 and 27 September.

The program will be taught by professional psychologists and health specialists and will include

a protocol for the prevention of alcohol abuse and other addictive activities in school, with special emphasis on drug abuse in the context of leisure.

The cost of this program will be 1,526.92 euros, which will be fully funded by the Provincial Council of Alicante through its “Grants to municipalities scheme for populations of up to 25,000 inhabitants.”

Teachers and the management team at the town’s secondary school have shown a total involvement in the project.




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