T.M.G.S. @ CAMPOAMOR 3/8/16


To celebrate our 4th anniversary we returned to the course where it all began, almost 40 members and a couple of guests took part in the competition. Stableford was the format of the day and with 3 categories and 7 N.T.P.’s to be won there were lots of prizes to play for.

The course was in great condition, the only blemish was a temporary green on the 6 hole, but at least it was a cut temporary and not just a hole in the fairway. After the competition, members enjoyed a meal in the club’s restaurant Sponsored by the Society.

Competition results; N.T.P.’s Hole 4 Mike O’Regan, Hole 5 ( N.T.P. in 3 shots) Mike O’Regan, hole 6 Trevor Wheeler, Hole 10 John Eyre, Hole 11 (in 3 shots) 3 players made birdies here, Kristin Palsdöttir, John Hettrick and Carstan Landaas, Hole 15 Troy Norris, Hole 17 Mike O’Regan. The “2’s” pot contained a very healthy €78 and this was shared out by John Eyre, M. O’Regan and Remi Matikainen.

Bronze category; 4th G. Chapman 32 pts. 3rd C. Marsden 33 pts. 2nd A. Goslan (L/H) 33 pts. 1st G. Smith 40 pts. Silver category; 4th T. Norris 33 pts. 3rd T. Wheeler 33 pts. (L/H) 2nd R. Matikianen 36 pts. 1st Per Arne Skarnes 37 pts. Gold category F. Bjorling 32 pts. John Eyre 33 pts. 2nd M. O’Regan 33 pts. (L/H) 1st C. Landaas 35 pts. Overall winner of this year’s anniversary shield was Graham Smith with his 40 pts.

Photo: Gold category winners with Graham inset. If you would like to join us on one of our regular competitions you will find more information at www.tmgs.org or via our Facebook page TMGSGOLF or call our secretary on 661524101


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