Among the endless possibilities that Mojácar has to offer visitors, to make a trip along the roads and trails that run through the municipality is an unknown option for many. However, these routes offer a unique opportunity to come across beautiful landscapes and discover pockets of ancient history as well as simply enjoy the spectacular nature of the Sierra Cabrera.

Last weekend a group of walkers took a magical moonlit walk along the fascinating Mena-Macenas Route created by Mojácar Town Council. The group consisted of local people, along with walkers from all over the province of Almeria, organized by the Provincial Government.

The 10km path, with a “medium-low” difficulty rating, runs through strategic points of economic and social history of the area. Accompanied by two guides and the Mojácar Councillor for Education, Ana Garcia, the group were given explanations and historical details of the places they stopped at along the way.

The Mena-Macenas path takes visitors back to the area’s mining past, which starts on the tracks left by the mule drivers and transporters of iron ore mined from the hills. It then continues past the spectacular Nazari rock formation and onward to the Towers built to defend the Mediterranean coastline from attack by invaders. Throughout, the walker is surrounded by unique flora and fauna such as the famous “limonium estevei”, which is unique to the area and in danger of extinction.

Mojácar currently has three marked paths accessible to walkers: The Gardens of Mojácar, along the margin of the River Aguas, a route from Marina de la Torre to Mojácar Village and lastly, the Macenas Tower Mines walk. All of which have undoubted appeal and are being promoted by the Department of Tourism with great success.