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Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Tag: Letters from the Atlantic

Have You Checked Your DNA?

Have any readers purchased one of those DNA test kits that have become so popular recently? Several stories in the tabloids tell of clients...

Bigger and Better?

I wonder if anyone remembers the BBC television comedy ‘Hi-de-Hi’, which was first broadcast in the 1980s? It was classic, camp comedy, which was...

Termite Terror in Tenerife

First of all, my apologies for the alliteration and the ‘Daily Mail’ style headline; I just couldn’t resist it. Sadly, on this occasion, this...

Red, White or Blue?

I must first confess to having a very simplistic knowledge of wine. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I will...

Use It or Lose It!

It was really good to read in the news this week that the Canary Island of Fuerteventura will once again provide a Beach Library...

La Boda (The Wedding)

I gate-crashed a wedding last week. In my defence, it was a genuine accident, but I am rather pleased that I did. Like many...

An Elderly Expat Dog

One of the fine qualities that I greatly admire in British and other expats living in Spain, is their willingness to share their home...

Win a House for Five Euros!

I have never liked gambling or entered a betting office, and I do not buy lottery tickets. Indeed, the only gambling that I confess to...

Wish You Were Here

When was the last time that you sent a postcard? I guess, if you are anything like most of the younger members of the...

A Beacon of Culture

As regular readers may remember, I started playing the violin again last year. In fact, I became so enthusiastic that I started teaching myself...

Typewriter Terror

The phone rang; it was a colleague in Las Palmas telling me that the police were in the middle of a response to a...

The Stinky Tree

It is often fascinating to discover some of the remedies and answers to problems that can be found by looking at the past. If...

The TV Sports Package

It has been a strange week, as far as the Internet goes anyway. For many expats living in Spain and the Canary Islands, the...

Avoid Currency Exchange ‘Rip Offs’

I know that many British expats living in Europe are feeling very anxious about the pound-euro exchange rate at the present time. Although not...

The Story of Nelson, a Lost Arm and the Smelly Cheese

Many will have read stories and been taught about one of the UK’s national heroes, Horatio Nelson; that brave son of Norfolk who taught...

The Work-Life Balance

Getting the work-life balance right is not easy for many people, and for many juggling with earning enough to pay the rent or mortgage,...


I will shortly be making another visit to one of my favourite Canary Islands, the Island of El Hierro. Despite being the smallest of...


I was interested to read a recent report stating that electric cars are finally becoming popular in Europe. This is despite their slow adoption...


I wonder what readers think about those magic words ‘health and safety’? For me, it is usually an excuse for some ‘jobsworth’ in a...


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