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Friday, May 25, 2018
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A Little More than Amnesia

I guess most people have heard of Indonesia and maybe Polynesia, but what about Macaronesia and, indeed, Micronesia? How about visiting Macaronesia one day?...

The Journey of Life

It has often been said that travel broadens the mind, which is one of the many reasons why young people particularly are encouraged to...

The Motor of the Atlantic Ocean

I like visiting churches, and particularly the old ones. Not only are they an ideal place to rest for a few minutes, but they...

All Helmets and Lycra

Over the years, cyclists from all over Europe have headed to the Canary Islands to take advantage of some decent weather with which to...

The Russia Connection

During the time that I have lived in the Canary Islands, I have come to understand, appreciate and admire the contribution and influence that...

Chocolate, Avocado Eggs and Spain

The Spanish love their chocolate. Pastries are dipped into it, biscuits are coated with it, churros are drowned in it and anything else is...

Kill or Cure? Letter from the Atlantic

An article about bee sting therapy caught my eye this week. Tragically, a woman recently died in Spain after undergoing a bizarre form of...

The Virtual Spanish Hotel

Our first holiday in Spain some years ago was not a great success. We had booked into a major tour company’s “flagship hotel”, as...

Brexit and the Faint Hearted Expat

Of course, the tabloids never miss an opportunity to try and raise the blood pressure, so it was with some amusement that I read...

Learn a Language with Beer and Insomnia

Those expats who enjoy a tipple will no doubt be delighted to read the news that I am reporting this week. According to researchers,...

Up the Amazon

Have you noticed how social media and the UK press love to take a swipe at Amazon whenever they can? Of course, this is...

Ashes to Ashes

I received a very moving email from a regular ‘Letters from the Atlantic’ reader and correspondent this week. Janice lives in the UK and...

Chick Peas or Coco Pops for Breakfast?

I have rarely given chickpeas much thought. I know that I like them and, as vegetarians, we have regularly used them in our meals...

Sunbeds R Us

I am often told that Brits on holiday like nothing better than to get out of bed long before their all-inclusive breakfast has even...

The Cost of Expats Dying

With the exception of articles about receiving British television in Spain, the most popular article on my ‘Living in Spain and the Canary Islands’...

Just Nuts About Almonds

We know that Spring has arrived in the Canary Islands when we see the first flush of flowers on the many magnificent almond trees...

“Do You Speak English?”

I wonder if anyone has made a New Year’s resolution to learn a new language? I admire any expats who make a determined effort...

Overweight ‘Bridegrooms of Death’

I guess that many of us may have over indulged during the Christmas and New Year festivities, and I assume that many are now...

Alice in Blunderland – Letter from the Atlantic

Well, it is panto season again, so I have to use a panto title that broadly fits into the spirit of the season, don’t...

Wells Are For Life and Not to Hide Corpses

Many people do not realise that the Spanish Civil War of 1936 actually began in the Canary Islands. Francisco Franco was General Commandant of...

I’m Just Having a Tertulia

One of my favourite cafe bars is called ‘Tertulia’. It is not a particularly grand establishment and is completely unlike any of those overpriced...

Forget Turkey, Eat Tapas!

I remember once being told by an American professor, “History is never taught in American schools”. I was puzzled by the comment, since I...

Britain’s Wartime Plan to Invade the Canary Islands

During the current worrying developments in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia, many forget that some years ago there was a large and vociferous...

The Superstitious Expat

Here we go again, another Friday 13th. I really am fed up with reading what all the doom mongers have to say about the...

Animals Need Our Help Too

It has been a distressing week in Gran Canaria. A major fire broke out in the heavily forested centre of the island, which is...

The Korean Factor

It was a pleasant surprise this week to read that the Mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is visiting South Korea to exchange...

Who Loves a Party?

Newly arrived expats living in Spain and the Canary Islands will quickly learn that expat lives are punctuated with fiestas to celebrate the life...

When is a Pirate Not a Pirate?

Many commentators will agree that since the vote for the UK to leave the European Union, the views of the general population have become...


A recent report that the London’s Shard still has ten exclusive apartments that remain unsold, at a mere £50 million each, did not come...


“Top 20 Caves to Rent in the Canary Islands” screams one advertisement, followed by “Hundreds of Cave Homes to Buy in the Canary Islands”...


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