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Scooter Warning is Very Real

In November of last year we issued our first warning that the law would be changed in order to regulate some of the electric scooters which are becoming increasingly popular in Spain. Despite the first set of restrictions being implemented, it would appear that some people are still choosing not to believe the official information, …

How to Check your Points Online

The penalty points system in Spain was introduced in July, 2016, not only to penalise poor driving, but also to award those who drive safer. The system is the opposite to that of the UK, in so much as if you commit an offence you will be given points on your licence, in Spain you …

What do the New Electric Scooter Laws Mean?

The DGT has started to regulate certain personal mobility vehicles, in order to ensure that they are used correctly and safely. Although this is not the end of the legislation, many more changes are still being considered, it does mean that there are now clearer rules for certain types of these mobility tools. The current …

Smoking whilst Driving

It is currently not illegal to smoke whilst driving in Spain. However, the general consensus of a recent survey suggests it should be, if children are in the vehicle. There have been many stories shared through social media of drivers being fined for smoking, and although it is true that there are occasions when drivers …

The Spanish Number Plate System

The Spanish number plate system dates back to 1900, although the concept and layout has undergone a number of transformations since then, the latest format taking over a century later in September, 2000. Currently, the Spanish number plate is formed by the European symbol on the left hand side, in a tall band, then four …

Choosing your ITV Station

Following on from our recent article explaining some of the facts relating to the ITV inspection, one question is still continuing to crop up. The question relates to vehicles which are registered in the Valencia region and their eligibility to have the test carried out in Murcia, for example. As we explained, according to the …

Running Into Traffic!

We all know that running is a great way of keeping fit, but within the urban landscape of towns and cities, the risk factor can increase, not from sporting injuries, but from runners choosing to mix with traffic. According to a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Health approximately a third of all adults …

Car Drivers Should Get More Options from July

From 1 July, 2019, category B (private car) licence holders will be able to drive more vehicles than before, thanks to a change in the law. The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has been working on a number of modifications and improvements to the driving licence system in Spain, including new rates, changes in the …

ITV Questions Answered

Two of the most common questions about the ITV test are when it´s needed and where it can be carried out, in particular as there is a belief, for example, that vehicles which reside in the Alicante province can´t have their inspection carried out in Murcia. Today we answer those doubts, and others, but this …

Can my British Registered Car have an ITV?

A common question which often causes confusion is whether a foreign registered vehicle, such as an English registered car for example, whose MOT is due, can have an ITV in Spain. The simple answer is no, a foreign registered vehicle cannot have an ITV inspection. The mandatory vehicle inspection must be done in the country …

Motorcycles: 10 Dangerous Infractions

May is recognised as Motorcycle Awareness Month, when warmer weather often means an increase in motorbikes on the road, and therefore a reminder to us all of the vulnerability of two-wheeled road users. However, we must also be aware that motorcyclists themselves must also play a part in their own road safety, and be aware …

Drugs and Driving – Prescription Medications Can Cause Problems

Drinking alcohol before driving is still one of the biggest contributors to road traffic incidents, despite the warnings and knowledge of the effects and consequences, however consuming drugs before driving is also continually increasing. In order to be aware of the problems associated with drug use, we have to steer our mind away from what …

I Worry About Losing My Documents

Because of the mandatory need to carry certain documents with the vehicle, a common concern is that these documents might be lost or stolen. However, the good news is that if you are concerned about this, then there is an alternative. Firstly, let´s look at the documents which must be carried. Permiso de Circulacion The …

Brake Check!

It is a really good idea to check your brakes periodically, at low speed on a road which is wide and with no traffic or pedestrians, and dry and free of obstacles, where you can try the brakes by applying various different pressures, including an emergency stop, such as was done in your driving test. …

Cyclists Give Cyclists a Bad Name!

In a relationship that seems to have developed into one of almost bitter rivalry, cyclists and other road users seem to be at constant odds. Sweeping statements like, “all cyclists go through red lights”, or, “cyclists think they own the road”, are grossly unfair, but it is true that this happens. Just like cyclists who …

It looks the same, but…

They look similar – steering wheel, foot pedals, displays with numbers on – but the reality is, a most cars differ in the equipment they offer, more so given new technological advances, and so it is important if we get a new car, even if we are just renting it, to get to know what´s …


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