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The Mathematics of the Stopping Distance

Maintaining a safe distance is one of the fundamental factors of road safety, however it is not always easy to calculate how much space we need to leave between us and the vehicle in front, although there is a simple solution to a mathematical problem. We will start with the science bit. There are the …

Children on Motorbikes

If you ride a motorbike, so long as you are old enough, have a full licence and the vehicle is correctly fitted with the appropriate equipment, you are permitted to carry a passenger. You are also permitted to carry children as passengers, but there are some restrictions to ensure their safety. Firstly, you, the rider, …

Keeping Children Secure

According to data from across Europe, two out of every three children in cars are not secured properly, although not only those not wearing any seat belt or restraining system, many of them have been strapped in incorrectly or inadequately. If a child is properly restrained in a vehicle, the statistics speak for themselves, as …

N332 Road Safety project commended by British Ambassador

The N332 Project Founder Francisco Morales was among the guests last week at the British Embassy in Madrid where he was invited to attend...

It looks the same, but…

They look similar – steering wheel, foot pedals, displays with numbers on – but the reality is, a most cars differ in the equipment they offer, more so given new technological advances, and so it is important if we get a new car, even if we are just renting it, to get to know what´s …

Historic drive by Saudi woman as driving ban lifts

Female racing driver Aseel Al Hamad celebrated the end of the ban on women drivers with a lap of honour in a Jaguar F-TYPE. Aseel,...

Sharing the road with an HGV

Driving infront of, or even behind, an HGV can be a bit daunting. But there’s no need to panic as Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s...

Twelve professional drivers test positive for alcohol and drugs in a...

Murcia’s Civil Guard carried out a special campaign last week that was specifically aimed at the professional drivers of heavy vehicles. The results tested...

40-ton truck driver tested positive for cannabis

A 24 year old driver at the wheel of a 40-ton truck was stopped on Sunday and subjected to a breath test for alcohol...


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