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The Mathematics of the Stopping Distance

Maintaining a safe distance is one of the fundamental factors of road safety, however it is not always easy to calculate how much space we need to leave between us and the vehicle in front, although there is a simple solution to a mathematical problem. We will start with the science bit. There are the …

Ready for the School Run?

It´s just about time to go back to school, which means that there will be an increase in cars on the roads at certain times of day, the infamous “school run”, and more vulnerable road users out and about. If you are taking children in the car, there are a few things you must remember, …

Are you prepared for winter?

It will be here sooner than you might hope, and it is important to make sure our cars are prepared. We will look at specific things to check as the days start to cool down and the weather changes, but for now we will look at some of the basic checks we can do in …

Drugs and Driving – Prescription Medications Can Cause Problems

Drinking alcohol before driving is still one of the biggest contributors to road traffic incidents, despite the warnings and knowledge of the effects and consequences, however consuming drugs before driving is also continually increasing. In order to be aware of the problems associated with drug use, we have to steer our mind away from what …

It looks the same, but…

They look similar – steering wheel, foot pedals, displays with numbers on – but the reality is, a most cars differ in the equipment they offer, more so given new technological advances, and so it is important if we get a new car, even if we are just renting it, to get to know what´s …


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