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By Sally Bengtsson / 2009-08-13 13:40:17

Francesca brown

Francesca Brown is a fascinating lady with a remarkable story.  So remarkable in fact, that she has written a book, which comes out in the UK next week, and looks to be a best seller. 

The book is a basically a simple account of what has happened to Francesca since the year 2,000 when she was very ill and bed-ridden.  She is an Irish lady, who describes herself as a typical mother of two. 
She went from being a very active person who went power walking regularly, to having extreme fatigue, pains in her legs, muscles and joints, which was eventually diagnosed as ME.  Francesca was confined to bed.  During this time she became aware of bright lights circling her room, and then of spirits walking through her home.  She could see these people, some in Victorian attire, wandering about.  On another occasion she was aware of a beautiful blue angel in a very bright light.  The light was sort of transparent, and the feeling of love and peace which Francesca received was extremely strong.  She felt no fear, and asked, “Why have you come?”  The angel replied, “To make you get better.”  A few days later the angel returned and revealed to Francesca her wings.  This time she seemed brighter than ever.  She said that in order to start getting better Francesca would have to change some of the food she was eating, she would have to eat honey and kiwis, which she really didn’t like.  However, the angel said that she would acquire a taste for these foods.

On another occasion the angel came to tell Francesca to ask her husband Fran to heat some stones she had collected from a beach in Ireland years ago, in sea salted water.   The stones were then placed on the dressing table, and the angel ran her wing over them, covering them in a bright light.  She then told Francesca to put the stones on her chakras.  Francesca had never even heard of chakras, but the angel told her she would come to understand everything, and placed the stones on various parts of her body.  The angel wing went over her body and the energy that Francesca felt was amazing.  She carried on placing the stones on her body four times a day, sometimes feeling a huge boost of energy and other times feeling nothing.

The process was slow, but gradually Francesca began feeling stronger.  The angel would come two or three times a week, Francesca never knew when she was coming, but she knew she was getting stronger.  One day the angel told Francesca she wanted her to get up and walk.  Her husband Fran helped her downstairs and she managed to walk to the gate.  She had been in bed for two years so this was a big feat.  Fran was very skeptical about this talk of angels, but as he saw Francesca was getting better every day he played along, and gradually his belief in the angels also grew.

From that day Francesca became stronger and stronger.  As she became more mobile more angels came into her life.  It was as if she had opened up a part of herself and could now let angels in.  Francesca strongly believes we can all open up our hearts and minds to our guardian angel, who communicates with us all the time.  Having angels in your life is wonderful and they can help in every area of our lives. 

Angels can help us heal and teach us to let go and forgive, be compassionate, they can help our dreams come true, and help us reach our true potentials, making our lives full of joy and love.  

When Francesca felt completely better she learnt how to meditate, which she does every day.  It makes her feel good and positive.  She is a strong believer in living for the moment.  We are all so caught up with making plans for the future that we often miss special moments in life.  Any problem we may have will always have a positive solution, we just have to find it.

Angel Anne told Francesca she must learn how to channel.  She found a healing centre in Ireland in the Yellow Pages and enrolled on a two day course on the human aura.  Francesca had never done anything like this before and was in completely unknown territory, she didn’t understand half the terminology, but found it all fascinating.  When the students were paired up the teacher sat opposite Francesca and they both tried to see each other’s auras.  Francesca was quite worried as around the teacher she had seen a wolf and a huge American Indian.  She waited until the end of the class to tell the teacher what she had seen, only to learn that the teacher was of native American descent, her Grandfather had been born and raised in Alaska.  The teacher told Francesca she had a lovely gift and that she should develop it further. 

Seven years ago Francesca and Fran moved to Spain.  It seemed as if the air was brighter and more vibrant here and appeared to be the ideal place for Francesca to learn more about channeling.  She has become a regular at the spiritualist centres in the area, especially the Baker Foundation where she regularly does church services, and the Spiritual Awareness Society in Quesada where she gives readings.  She gives messages via angels from spirits and loved ones who have passed to the other side.   “I hear the voices in my left ear,” she explains. 
I ask her if she is hearing these messages all the time, but she explains that the angels have taught her how to close down and carry on with a normal life.  Francesca also gives angel readings at her home.  These usually take about an hour, and you are given a CD recording of the session to take home and listen to afterwards.  Francesca goes back and forth to her native Ireland, where she also works regularly giving readings.

Francesca’s story was written about in a local Irish paper a few years ago.  The journalist who wrote the article, Niall Burke, was so taken by the story and by the things that Francesca said to him, that he suggested she write a book about her spiritual journey.  When they both finally decided to do it together the process took six months.

The book has now been printed and titled “My Whispering Angels”.  It is a lovely read, an inspiring story of one lady’s personal experience.  It is available from Amazon, WH Smiths and Tesco Entertainment.  Anyone who would like to contact Francesca, who lives in La Florida, can do so using Francesca.brown1@gmail.com or by phoning 965 326 176.  

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Francesca brown

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deirdra 06-12-2012 / 00:32

Hi Francesca,

I am reading your book at the moment which I am finding hard to put down. Lately I have been reading angel books by other women in Ireland that can see and talk to angles. These books give me a sense of enlightenment and a wonderful feeling of peace within me. I wish I could always have these feelings but unfortunately life throws it own problems and these feelings tend to fade. I would very much love to do an angel workshop to see if its possible to communicate with my angel but I don't have any physic abilities. Is it possible for someone like me to see learn how to see or hear our angel or would I be just setting myself up for a major disappointment by attending a workshop.

teresa 05-10-2012 / 21:05

fracesca im having trouble coping with things at present . can u see any positive change to our lives in the near future.this applys to my family as a whole . to hear from you would really help me.thanks a mill .

carol 25-09-2012 / 12:24

hi would you be comeing to kerry ireland any time would love to meet you and have a reading done

marija 15-07-2012 / 17:09

Dear Francesca,

your book came in my hand in perfect time!!!
thank you for just beeing here and give us this book...

Marie 19-06-2012 / 19:06

I am nearing the end of your book Whispering Angels and have got a great deal out of it. I rang your workshop in Ireland to make an appoitment to see you only to be told that September is also fully booked. I would really like to get talking to you in the near future as i am facing a very difficult time in my life now. If you can help please contact me.

God bless

Agnes 22-01-2012 / 12:04

Hi Francesca. I have just finished your super book The Voices of Angels. Fantastic. Lovely poems and prayers. found it very calming easy to read. Looking forward to your next book. Thanks Agnes LOL.

jan stannard 07-11-2011 / 14:23

What a fantastic book, best book i have ever read loved it couldnt put it down.
I am also very interested in Angels, also attend spirit church,i love meditation as we have a Reiki share ( i am level 2 ). Trying to find the right path for me but dont know which way to go, also have a really busy life which can hinder, your book was so down to earth and really easy to follow which makes a big difference Thank You
Love & Light
Jan Stannard <3

debs 25-10-2011 / 09:53

hi francesca

i read your book and went to your signing in limerick of your second book it is brilliant and you helped me a lot and gave me the name of my guardian angel and i thank you for that god bless


anne from new-zealand 21-07-2011 / 02:55

u are a truely amazing lady, i have been off work and your book touched my heart and gives every one hope there are angels in our lives. U are the most beautiful living proof of this. Thank u so much for giving me hope and courage to carry on
in my belief. love and light to u
anne, New-zealand.

carol russell 12-07-2011 / 08:32

i am not one for reading books have always started so many and never finshed them, but your's was so fantastic could not put it down. Are you going to write anymore soon.


Hello im sue 09-07-2011 / 13:17

Just read your book my whispering angels, what a corker, couldnt put it down, so inspirational i loved it, thankyou.

Maja 08-06-2011 / 12:11

I'm Maja from Croatian

For your book, I told a friend who lent me a book before 3 days.
The two of us are very enthusiastic and want to get in touch with angels, though I admit that I am a bit afraid because I am .. a few years ago saw something horrible ... I know that angels are more beautiful than what I saw and I know that they are good, but That fear, but also great želja.Super is that you have the power to see and talk with them.

phil newton 03-06-2011 / 15:18

I really loved reading this Book, and felt energised by the positive energy therein contained. Could connect with the spiritual lessons therein contained, but was a little disappointed at the quality of heavenly poetry. I was expecting the grandeur of Yeats combined with the passion of St. John of the Cross.

Margaret 26-02-2011 / 23:53

I have just finished reading your book did not want it to end fantastic

Sinead Byrne 21-01-2011 / 10:38

Dear Francesca,

I'm Irish and living in Holland. I bought "My whispering Angels" two days ago, I can't put it down. Inspirational, unbelievable & amazingly spiritual. I will get back to you when I reach the endxxx


Amanda Steele 15-01-2011 / 20:51

Dear Francesca I have just finished your truely amazing book which I received as a gift from a dear friend .I wish you all the best in your work with the angels God bless Amanda x

trisha.n 03-01-2011 / 21:39

Hi francessa I have met you twice before for a reading which changed my life
and in an audience reading and following that i recieved an angel feather that evening.cant wait till you write your next book and thankyou for everything your such an inspiration to anyone.trisha.n

Rosemary 13-11-2010 / 21:31

I just heard about this Book about Angels from my sister. Iam Irish, but live in Florida, USA.I am fascinated by the idea of angels and I pray to them, but none have ever graced me with a showing or by speaking to me; as far as I am aware. If you would consider replying to this,I would appreciate it. I do intend to buy your book as soon as I can find a copy of it.
Best wishes,

melanie 24-09-2010 / 11:36

I was never really a great believer in angels and afterlife etc ,but after reading your book i have now started to believe. great book really enjoyed reading it , it has givin me some hope. thank you

Siobhan Ryan Limerick Ireland 13-09-2010 / 17:59

I do believe in angels very much so, I do my own angel cards but I would love to learn more on it and how to channel..... how to feel my angels more around me???

Tommy Fitzgerald 12-09-2010 / 01:45

someone told me about you and i was wondering if you do readings? i read the articles in the sunday world last year and your story interested me, if you could email me in your own time i would be very grateful as i am sure you are very busy

Shameema 08-09-2010 / 17:02

Thank you for sharing your experience Francesca. I read your book whilst on holiday in Dublin and Kerry. You have filled me with hope.
Best wishes to you and Fran,


Gary 10-08-2010 / 10:13

Hi Francesca,
Firstly I would just like to congratulate you on the book. I asked for it for christmas and was lucky enough to get it and am reading it, for the second time at the moment and loving it as much as the first time. I live in Canterbury in Kent in England, which is a lovely place and was wondering if you ever came to these parts to do any courses?

I hope you are more than well. Keep smiling and thanks for doing what you do.

Gary x

Christine Swan 08-08-2010 / 14:59

Hello Francesca, im sure the Angels led me to your book in a Charity shop.
I read in 2 day's and couldn't put it down.I feel we have parallel lives and i could relate to all you were saying. I cried throughout the book as you related your wonderful story.Thankyou so much for writing it. I had an Angel experience when i was very ill and had asked God to take me from the pain. Within minuets with my eyes closed i saw and felt the light and love of God, I didnt open my eyes i was afraid it would go away. How wonderful it was, words are hard to express how powerful the love was in that room. I have in the past heard words of wisdom, i don't know if it was God,a Spirit Guide or my personal Angel,longing to see my Angel now and working toward that now thanks to your encouragement Love Light and God's Blessings x Christine

Paula Cummins 29-07-2010 / 20:52

Hello Francesca, I have just finished reading your book and I have to say it has had a major positive effect on me. Your story is truly amazing and I have never enjoyed reading any book as much as your's. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and I look forward to reading more from you in the future. Would love to meet you someday for a reading or simply for a chat. God bless, Paula.

Justyna Nidzgorska 26-07-2010 / 09:30

What a wonderful book.... It gave me hope and faith. I wish one day I could talk to you.
Thank You.
Justyna. UK

martin coyle. 20-07-2010 / 10:21

hi francesca brown, my name is martin coyle, co. louth. ireland, i have read your book whispering angels some time ago.i would love to connect with you please.martin coyle.

Brighidin 19-07-2010 / 14:37

I have just finished reading your book. I enjoyed it thoroughly...all your hard work was well worth it and has made me think alot about my life and its meaning.
I have always believed in angels and have always felt there was someone watching over me...now i am convinced!!!
Thank You and your angels.

Trish 18-07-2010 / 00:19

I really enjoyed your book. I am finding life very hard at the moment please prayer for me and my family.

catherine 01-07-2010 / 13:03

Hi Francesca

I have just finished reading your book it was a truely wonderfull story. I feel the angels work around me all of the time and as child i think i seen them from time to time in human form.Since reading your book when you talk about Johanna im truely touched i have been tru so much in my life the past 2years. I allways carry the crystals with me they do work wonders i feel so drawn to you now that i have read your book. I would love to go and have an Angel reading done with you if its at all possible when you are in Ireland

God Bless

Sharon 28-06-2010 / 12:40

Would love to get a one on one with you.. If you are ever in Letterkenny would love to talk.


Mary 28-06-2010 / 00:14

I loved your book and got much comfort from it. Please let me know if you are doing readings anywhere near Kerry in the near future?

Annette J Holbrook 19-06-2010 / 11:54

Excellent book, I am already reading for the second time; I only began reading it the 1st time at the beginning of this month June MMX.

It is easy to forget to do any work, to just sit and read it!!

I shall be recommending the book to my friends

donal Kelly 15-06-2010 / 07:38

jus a word to say i hav passsed all my worries & fears over to d angels, and really hopin i can get bk wit my wife whom i hav really hurt. i really do hav faith in the angels.. yours kindly donal

Sandra Peacock 10-06-2010 / 13:24

Thank you Francesca for such a wonderful read - I loved your book and would recommend it to anyone, like so many of the comments above I felt whilst reading it a greater connection with the angels. I did email you the day I finished it to express my gratitude and I thank you so much for the wonderful prayer you sent me for Archangel Raphael. This prayer has become part of my day - thank you thank you thank you!!! If ever you are holding a course in Spain please let me know as we live about 2-3 hrs from the you sending you lots of love and light xx

nicole 08-06-2010 / 12:41

am half way through reading your book, I cant put it down!! its so fascinating. would love to have a reading from you when you are next back in dublin. Am recommending the book to all i know. xx

Colette 06-06-2010 / 22:28

sorry, i have just sent a comment about your wonderfull book...
but could you remove my surname from the comment title and just leave my first name (Colette)
Many thanks xxx

Colette Magilton 06-06-2010 / 22:22

Oh Francesca.....what a wonderfull story and a beautiful book, you have shared with everyone...I absolutely loved it and feel so disappointed i have come to the end - cant wait to read more from you.
I wish i could transport you to my home, to give my sick son some of your angelic healing....he is very sad and confused with feeling so ill and weak, six weeks off so far- post viral syndrome, i'm at my wits end it doesnt develop into M.E....I have been leaving your book open next to his bed, with the archangel healing prayer and a crystal angel...here's praying x

Thank you once again for bringing hope to us all, as you have explained with such insightful accounts, of all things that happen to us throughout life are part of our path- hard may it seem.....

Would love to meet you one day, God bless and thankyou xx

Miss M o Shea 31-05-2010 / 11:48

Having just finished your book, i feel so much better about life.. There is nothing that is seriously troubling in my life, sometimes i get frustrated in my job or with life but after reading your book i'm looking at life differently. For a long time i have believed in Angels,and their powers for good,love and happiness. Angels have created an extra beautiful bond with my mother who i love dearly, as she also shares a love and interest in Angels. It is a love we share and often speak about. I was so delighted to read of your encounter with ST Therese of Lisieux, as she is the saint i talk to when i need a good friend. Having traveled to Lisieux with my mother some years ago, who also love this saint.(again the angels are at work on our bond) i fell in love with this saint and her ways. To this day when i watch the video i recorded there i get the most unbelievable feeling of love and warmth...
I do not have to see a light or an actual angel to believe that they are present in my life. The beautiful bond they created with my mother and I, in our similar interests is sign enough for me.

Karen nicholls 29-05-2010 / 22:09

Hi i must say i have never really read i book, at the airport on my way to my holiday i just had an erge to get a book, so i went into W H Smiths and scanned the shelves picked a few up i picked up 'My Wispering Angels' then put it back, not knowing which one to pick, then i happened to just stare right back at that book and decided to get it, and i am glad i did i read the whole book, i felt very emotional and had happy tears in my eyes this is an amazing book it truely touched me, i am about to conqure meditation as i have never tried that either.
Thank you so much i feel i have so much more energy and hope to meet my angel someday i will work on that too xxx

God bless xx

Miss A M Maher 20-05-2010 / 18:17

Hello there Francesca.

I have got you book off o a friend of mine and ive bee reading it now for the past few days and nights. I just am really interested in meeting you.
Could you make that possible by giving me you addrss ? Id love to meet you...
And id love to getin touch with a few of my relitaves...Or vice versa.. Trough you, ad Eamon...

Yours sincerely,

Ann Marie Maher.

Lynne Williams 08-05-2010 / 12:22

I absolutly loved it, read it from cover to cover.Thank you so much. xx

denise joy 07-05-2010 / 14:34

dear francesca

i must have been guided by a angel to buy ur book. as i seem to want to contact my gurardian angel . to give me help with study to pass my ranking for art school ,,, i would love to meet you in co kerry in ireland

Carmel Glynn 03-05-2010 / 15:56

Hi again, dont know if you got my email!wondering if you can give me any help. My angel I called Martha and I cant feel her about. will things improve for me at work and for my husband? Iwould love to meet you in Ireland .Thankyou.

Carmelg. 03-05-2010 / 13:38

Hi again hope u got my message love to know things will work out for me at work! Thankyou and your angels.

lisa waters 04-03-2010 / 14:04

I found your book fascinating and moving, i could not stop reading it. I had a strange feeling when i was reading your book. I thought I was asleep but I could still hear sounds around me, i felt totally relaxed and heavy. I know I had my eyes closed but I could see a bright ball of light coming towards me and getting bigger, i felt it was going to crash into me so I moved my head to the side but it enveloped me and I felt a warm sensation run through me then I saw a cut loaf of bread on a table. When I opened my eyes I felt very sleepy and emotional and I cannot understand what happened. I wish I could make sense of it.

Carol Sheridan 02-03-2010 / 16:21

Hi Francesa,
Hoping to be able to meet you for an Angel Reading if you back in Dublin this year, please let me know.
Thanking you,
Take care,

linda smullen 23-02-2010 / 16:35

hi francesca. loved your book i was wondering are u back living in ireland i would love 2 meet u if u are still meeting with people best wishes linda

Sheenagh 14-02-2010 / 00:15

Hello Francesca

I would just like you to know that i lost my daddy on 1st November 2009 , a few days later a friend gave me your book to read and at the time I got great comfort from it. I was really struggling with the idea of life after death (even though in my heart i believed it existed). I feel the need to reread your words again as my heart is breaking , please God I will get the strength to channel my grief in a way that will help others.

Thank you

Miss P Maher 11-02-2010 / 16:48

Hi Francesca and family.I read your story in spirit and destiny.Your story touched me,i am tryin to find the ability to connect and find my spiritual path in life and want to hopefully be able to help people should i develope.I'l be sure to buy your book.I would be most grateful if you could email me just to tell me where im going wrong im unable to master the art of meditation but i do sense somebody is around me but not sure whom so id appriciate any help possible.Love and light francesca to you and your family.Paula.X

LIZ beaton 01-02-2010 / 15:35

Hi Francesca, have just read your book couldn't put it down and now that i have finished it i want to know more , have came home from work this afternoon and some time to meditate and try to get to know my own angel loved the book

Claire Stone 19-01-2010 / 14:46

I have just finished reading the book and now believe I was led to read it as the advice on about how to connect with the angels is something I needed to know.

I also believe that I have come across this information at a very important time for our planet, as our hearts have been given another opportunity to open and become one with all sentient beings and with our planet, as a result of the earthquake that has occured on Haiti.

I have taken this opportunity to meditate and anchor light in Haiti and for all those who are suffering and for all those who are helping in the humanitarian effort in that area.

Thank you God and the angels for what they have done to help Francesca bring this information to the world. It is a truly inspiring, gentle and thoughtful book.


Sylvia Hassard 15-01-2010 / 11:46

Good friend bought me whispering angel, o my word what an inspiring book,Would love to attend a meeting to hear more. Thank you for bringing angels into my life!

grace 12-01-2010 / 21:55

loved your book. anyone would. what a fantastic journey you have had. i am so into angels but i wish i could see one. i wish i had been told about them when i was younger it would have saved me a lot of grief when i was looking for things. im 45 now and call on them most days . thank God for Angels

philomena 09-01-2010 / 01:38


Just finished reading your book my wispering angels, fantastic book couldn't leave it down when i sarted to read, finished in 2 days. when will you be in Ireland again, have you any dates in Northern Ireland. would love to meet you, have you any angel days or days for Angel readings. if you are could you please send me dates and cost.

Manny Many Thanks
as yor book makes me feel great.


sharon 04-01-2010 / 16:05

Hi Francesca,

Just finished reading your book over christmas.It was a fantasic read I couldn't put it down.I have always believed in Angels,but I too had an incredible Angel experience some years ago when I was sick ater my daughter
was born I will never forget it,to know they are always with us is so comforting.

God Bless you

jane donnelly 01-01-2010 / 23:21

hi francesca,
i was given your book for xmas i loved it
i too love the angels i only wish i could see them like you do
angel blessings

Hayley 31-12-2009 / 11:56

Hi Francesca Ive Read Your Book,My Whispering Angels and Found It Very Inspiring.Your Experiences were Facinating and I Would Just Like To Ask:In The Book Ive Heard You Talk About Meditation and I Was Wondering Could You Tell Me More About Contacting With Angels Please? Thankyou,Godbless,
Hayley x x x

zara 26-12-2009 / 23:07

Hi Francesca, My Mammy got me your book for Christmas such a wonderful present, as i have also read angels in my hair by Lorna Byrne,i really want to contact the angels ive been told by psychic's that i can but im afraid to develop it Happy hristmas and Happy New Year and lots of love and light xxx

martha tomany 26-12-2009 / 17:40

just wondering if u ever looked at my photos with orbs..looking foward to seeing you in blayney in march..i am debbies sister

FRANCESCA AND FRAN 21-12-2009 / 19:09

a peaceful new year to one and all and may your Angels walk with you and protect you

lots of love&light FRANCESCA & FRAN

DOLORES 27-11-2009 / 17:51

read your book and felt so much contentment from your book. would love to know when u are back in ireland .maybe your agent will let me know. love and peace to you.

sheila coyne 26-11-2009 / 12:38

Dear Francessa,
Iwill be on holidays in La Florida from 28th dec -11th jan. Iwould love to arrange to have a reading with you,my friends met you in Youghal Co Cork recently they really enjoyed the week end.
looking fordward to hearing from you,
Sheila Coyne.

Antoinette 18-11-2009 / 14:50

My twin sister got me to buy this book - i was amazed at the effect your book had on me - i really felt close to God and a fear i had about getting close to God went away - i feel you have given me a road to spiritual freedom in my life and i would love to meet you if that was possible - i tried to go out to Dunlaoire when you were giving your seminar on angels but for some reason i got lost driving out and and came home after 2hrs - maybe it was not to be.
I want to thank you for your beautiful book.

Antoinette dublin

Melanie 18-11-2009 / 13:56

I'm currently reading your book and have been deeply touched by all you say. I feel their presence too and often ask for their help.
I hear voices sometimes usually only about important things that are going to happen-it's as if I'm being forewarned and gently helped to cope in a calm accepting way-I'm often told that I'll be looked after and always have been and always will be and there's nothing to really worry about.It's like being enfolded on a warm comforting embrace and a deep peace descends on me which is truly wonderful.
Your book as shown me I must trust this inner feeling, not doubt of be frightened by it.It is as it should be.

Thankyou so much and maybe one day I'll get the chance to meet you.

with much love

Sharon Lukosius 15-11-2009 / 20:39

Hello, read your book and your story sounds so familiar to me. i see angels and for me its just normal.i write poems too that are sent to me by the angels. reading the book gave me inspiration and i talk even more to the angels now. once when i was walking the fields which i do alot. i got cross and was asking the angles where the heck had they gone. when i turned around the whole hedge came alive with red admiral butterflies and they flew straight at me. it was amazing and i had to eat humble pie and appologe to the angels because they never leave us. love and light shar x

paula 15-11-2009 / 00:46

HI , I just finished your book and its amazing. Your story moved me very much. I really enjoyed your book and will be telling my friends about it. I have a strong belief in angels and they have helped me a lot in recent years,

thanks again for sharing this with us.

mary greene 14-11-2009 / 22:04

Thank you so much for writing this beautiful book. I have read a lot of angel books and i can honestly say your book was by far the most down to earth and easy to understand. I think anyone that reads this book will understand how easy it is to have angels in their life, all they have to do is ask. I talk to my angels everyday, I could not imagine my life without them, they are my friends. My kids say the Angle Of God prayer every every day, they know that whatever little worries they have from day to day all they need to do is whisper for help to their angels, they feel more secure knowing that they are not alone in this big world. Thank you Francesca.

martha tomany 12-11-2009 / 16:26

hi francesca and family, i am so caught up with the angels but your book has totally fascinated me and i really would love to meet you as i suffer alot with anxiety and nervouse dis order..i know you and all the angels could help me recover..keep in touch and will you let me know if you around ireland and i would love to visit you..keep me and my family in your prayers..love and god bless xx martha

Eileen 11-11-2009 / 18:07

Absolutely wonderful book. This book I ignored and later on in a different part of the store it literally fell off the shelf so this time I took it home with me. i keep going back to different areas within the book to re read it. I would love to meet you Francesca. Will you be in Dubln again soon. I see youre in Ennis/Limerick and wexford this month.

Every good wish

noeleen clarke 05-11-2009 / 16:02

i read it the book in one night,superb ,couldnt leave it down literally,please writ another one soon

Tess Cahill 03-11-2009 / 21:37

Congratulations Francesca on a well written healing book.I thoroughly enjoyed each pae so simple and honest and very inspiring.Also I loved all the advise and the beautiful poems.



fadtas 31-10-2009 / 12:46

I saw this person on RTE television yesterday, the 30th of October 2009.

michelle 30-10-2009 / 00:28

I have been having a really bad time lately. A lot of bad things seem to be happening at once, including my grandad being diagnosed with cancer last week (he has actually only got a couple of days left now). I felt as though I was sinking into depression until I went to the shop and at the last minute for some reason I picked the book up. I have found it is really helping me to keep my faith and help me deal with things. I know that my grandad will be ok now. He will be safe and surrounded by love no matter what happens. My angel is sending me subtle messages and I've been asking him questions which he answers with a sign e.g. a white feather for yes, a blue feather for no. I am really thankful to Franchesca and the angels for this lovely book. Words cannot express how much it has helped me and I believe that my angel has brought this to me knowing that I need a little faith at this moment in my life.

Michelle, England

margaret mc manus 28-10-2009 / 19:28

Dear Francesca,

I just loved your book and did not want it to end. I bought a copy for a friend she just loved it.

When are you comming to Ireland again? I would love to see you and so would some of my friends.

Perhaps your agent would e-mail me and let me know when you are coming to Dublin.

Love, Light, and Blessings,


Susan Asregadoo 15-10-2009 / 19:57

I read the book in a few days.I also am on my spiritual journey.

Over the years I have received white feathers, which has led me now to my Integrated energy healing through the Angelic realm. the book has inspired me even more.

Thank you.
Sending you love and light...

katie 03-10-2009 / 14:09

Nearly finished book! Don't want it to end [brilliant]!

gemma kavanagh 23-09-2009 / 00:07

brill book but would absolutely love too met her plzzzzzzzz somebody tell me how im from dublin ireland and would travel anywere plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Linda M 15-09-2009 / 11:55

An amazing, thought provoking book - read it in two days and feel a new direction ahead. I thank God for whatever He is doing in your life Francesca and give Him all the glory for whatever it is He is doing in your life.

Hanora Brennan 13-09-2009 / 09:17

This book had me leaping out of bed and heading to the woods with my pet Harry to see if I could commune and perhaps spy a wee fairy or even a leprechaun! I felt so gladdened having finished the book that it felt like a mental shower and re-adjustment had taken place. It's a must for any of the doubters out there and the writing style is tender and gentle. Wouldn't it be something else to see what Francesca sees? I'm going to meditate tonight at 6pm, turn off landline and mobile and may even have success. Bless you all for sharing and may life be good to you all!


Riccardo Gaggero 11-09-2009 / 15:53

I just divoured Francesca's book in two days on a plane to and from Istanbul.

I have to say that it is incredibly beautiful and inspiring and I wish I could meet her very very soon. I sadly lost my wife from breast cancer 2 years ago and especially since then I feel much more spiritual about things and I do certainly believe in Angels and in a force that can take us through the worst moments in our lifes. I would love to be able to find my way to converse and be tought by Angels and I live in search of peace in my mind, soul and my spirit. My life is getting on well now and now that I read this book I feel also a lot better about everything that surrounds us.

Loved it, love her, desperate to meet her if I ever could!

Riccardo Gaggero

ELIZABETH 08-09-2009 / 20:49

This account fascinated me, its amazing how Francesca experienced such an amazing awareness of higher energies in her life when she was suffering from M.E. .I suppose when we are ill and our energy levels are extremely low conditions are set inwardly for such possibilities.Energy is all around us yet in the hustle and bustle of daily life we never seem to take the time to be still and make a connection with the higher self that is within and indeed the universe as a whole.

Andrewm 07-09-2009 / 15:49

Fantastic book, would highly recommend it to anyone.

kate trimble 06-09-2009 / 14:03

Just finished reading your book. Brillant! Really enjoyed it!

THOMAS EDWARD MCSHERRY 02-09-2009 / 20:01

I've just finished reading, "My Whispering Angels", and have such a feeling of relief that someone else has witnessed the same wonderful experiences as I had on a few occasions.

In November 1963 I had my first visit, at the age of twelve. I believe it was "Our Lady of Lourdes". It happened in a crowded church on a sunday evening at benediction, when I was filled with the most wonderful bright light. It lasted for ten to fifteen minutes where there was only Our Lady and myself enveloped in this astonishing brilliant light. I could hear the service carrying on but nothing could break this connection which I was blessed with.

Afterwards I was so frightened to tell anyone in case I would be ridiculed, and it took another twenty years before I told a soul about it.

Since then I've had similiar experiences to you in your book, one of which was my visit to the Vatican where I felt exactly the same as you did which at the time made me feel so ashamed, but after reading of your feelings about your visit, it came as such relief to realise I was not alone in my assumption.

I've always known there was an angel looking after me and even now, forty-six years later, I still say my prayers to her maybe not everyday but most days. Francesca, you are only the second person I've told about my guiding light so your book must have done a bit of good already.

God bless

Eileen Hamilton 21-08-2009 / 13:03

Absolutely fascinating article. Definitely going to get the book.

Eileen, La Florida.

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