AUAN complain about delays in the regularisation of homes

AUAN are particularly concerned about the municipality of Cantoria. 

The president of AUAN, Maura Hillen, has stated that she is concerned about delays in the concession of AFOs by some Town Halls in the Valle del Almanzora and in particular in the municipality of Cantoria. 

An AFO is an official document that regularises the planning situation of a house thus permitting connections to water and electricity and facilitating the generation of title deeds, thus resolving the long standing issue of irregular/illegal houses that has plagued the housing market in the valley for years.

According to Maura Hillen, “Foreign residents who purchased an irregular/illegal home in good faith in Albox appear to be content with the agility and professionalism of the town hall of Albox when it comes to processing an AFO.

The town hall of Arboleas has taken a different route to solving their problems, but they have also made great advances thanks to their sterling efforts for which they should be congratulated, especially their Mayor, Cristóbal García.

However, it is apparent that this is not the case in some other town halls where there are complaints about long delays and apparent hesitancy in processing AFOs, as well as few advances in the modification of their general plans.”

Asked which town halls in particular were been referred to she said that the majority of complaints related to the town hall of Cantoria where there appeared to be a great deal of frustration with the lack of progress. And complaints in this municipality also extended to the town plan, which they say has not been progressed in the last few years.

She added, “The AFO regulations are new, and for this reason we have been suggesting for some time that it would be a good idea to organise a series of talks regarding the recent legislative reforms. However, our suggestion has not become reality, although it seems that some information and help is needed.

The reforms, promoted by the PSOE, by the local executive in Almeria to be precise and supported by other parties have provided a breath of fresh air for many of those affected. Hopefully, this breath of fresh air will soon reach all of our town halls”!