A hundred pairs of new shoes for local children’s homes


The Celtic Isle in Playa Flamenca was the venue of yet another massive benefit on Wednesday afternoon for the youngsters of the two children’s homes in Orihuela and Elche as, once again, fundraiser extraordinaire, Stevie Spit, put his energies into raising much needed funding for these two very worthwhile local charities.

The venue has been hosting a weekly market during the summer months, another of Stevie’s initiatives, with funds raised being donated toward the daily running costs of the two homes, but on Wednesday Stevie used the occasion to invite along Vincente, the Director of the San Jose Obrero Orphanage in Orihuela, where he was asked to accept the fruits from a number of Stevie’s other recent fundraising labours.

First up were two full sized table tennis tables donated by Susan Phillips of the Entre Naranjos Fiesta Committee. As Sue explained, the committee has recently folded, so as well as sharing out the finances amongst the urbanisations in the village, the two tables and equipment were donated to the homes, one to each, where it is hoped that they will provide another leisure activity for the children. 

The same reasoning was also applied by local entertainer Johnny Lea who provided two Nintendo Wii’s, again one to each home, for the benefit of the children who live there. His only concern was that they might cause minor arguments as the youngsters stand in the queue to play the games.

There was also a cheque for 2,500 euros which was donated jointly through the efforts of Stevie and Help at Home Costa Blanca who, between them, raise the monies through Stevie’s Summer Shoe Appeal.

An idea formed between the Help at Home CB Committee and Stevie, the appeal was launched by the Leader Newspaper at the start of the summer, the intention being to raise enough funding to purchase one new pair of shoes for each of the 100 children that reside in the two homes.

Through the unbelievable generosity of the local public the target of 2500 euro was reached at the end of August, since which time Stevie has been in contact with a local manufacturer who has agreed to provide all of the shoes at cost price.

The shoes will all be purchased during this coming week, ensuring a brand new pair for each of the youngsters in the homes just in time for their return to school.

An eventful day at the Celtic Isle most certainly, but more importantly, a day that has helped to provide just a little bit of cheer to many of the children in both Orihuela and Elche, and a day also that could not have been achieved without the tireless help and support of so many volunteers who work so hard behind the scenes.

As well as Stevie of course, thanks must also be given to Kylie Burgazzi, Heather Thorley, Ruth O’Toole, Fred Rudall, Christine and Jack, Dave and Lindsay Mannion, Eamonn Lynch, Julie and Stuart, Adrian, Chrissy and Gary, Carmen, Eileen, Sylvia, Esther, Susan Phillips and Johnny Lee.

If you still have the flexibility to do so I think you should all pat yourselves on the back, but if you can’t, I can recommend a very good physiotherapist!  Well done.

It would seem that the shoe appeal has now reached well beyond the Orihuela Costa, as shoe factory owners in both Canada and Norway have been in touch with Stevie with a view to making further large donations to the appeal. We await further info with bated breath.