Vi Mojácar Summer Padel Tennis Tournament


Mojácar Council’s Sports Department recently held its traditional Summer Padel Tournament, which is now in its sixth year.

Due to the growing interest and success, the organisers have been prompted to open up the competition to women and offer more prizes. The tournament, held at La Mata’s Sports Centre, produced a great sporting atmosphere, in which the players put up a tough fight for the first places.

The pair, Vanesa Godoy and Pilar Belmonte from Carboneras, came first in the women’s category whilst locals María Luisa Martinez and María Luisa Zea failed to qualify in the top positions, although they did receive a prize for their excellent sportsmanship on the day.  In the men’s category, Antonio Belmonte and Francisco José López from Carboneras were ranked first, followed by Javier de la Rosa and Luis Javier Alonso, both also from Carboneras. 

Like their local female companions, Alejandro de Carranza and Francisco García, the male pair representing Mojácar, were given a special prize for their performance.

Ana García, Mojácar’s Sports Councillor, followed the whole event, giving encouragement to all the players as well as presenting the trophies at the end.  She thanked everyone for taking part and said she hoped to see them continue to participate in the tournament, which shows increased interest and level of play every year.

Ana also expressed her thanks to the Municipal Padel School, for its work in helping so many local enthusiasts shape and perfect their playing techniques