Woman escapes Torrevieja Sword Attack

The agents said that on entering the house the attacker offered no resistance.

A man has been arrested in Torrevieja for attempting to kill his partner with a catana, a ceremonial sword, causing injuries to her face as well as deep cuts to her arms and shoulders.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening when the Guardia Civil responded to an emergency call made by a neighbour. A 25 year old man, of Columbian nationality, was arrested at the scene.

When the patrol arrived at the house, the woman who made the call was waiting for them at the entrance to the apartment. On entering the accommodation the agents then found a young man who was holding a woman in the hall. Both were covered with blood, and as the agents moved into the building the alleged attacker was quickly separated from the victim.

The woman, who was the subject of several injuries, was transferred to Torrevieja hospital while the man was remanded and charged with attempted murder. She is said to have deep cuts to her cheekbone with an already bulging bruise, and deep wounds on the left forearm and right shoulder.

The neighbour who made the emergency call, a friend of the couple, told the Civil Guard that she had seen the man repeatedly stabbing the victim with a catana. Her statement was later corroborated by the victim.  Although covered in blood, the man himself is said to have had no wounds.

The agents said that on entering the house the attacker offered no resistance. He was immediately restrained after which the victim was rendered first aid.  The catana, said to have a 21 cm blade, was located at the scene which was said to be steeped in blood

The Guardia have since confirmed that the individual was previously arrested last March for another assault on his partner. At the trial, however, the woman did not want to charge her partner, so the case was dropped.

The attacker is currently being held by the Guardia Civil and is expected to be remanded in custody when he appears in court in the coming days.