U3A still celebrating Christmas

U3A still celebrating Christmas
U3A still celebrating Christmas

On 18th Feb the CAD group of the Torrevieja U3A met up for a, rather belated, Christmas meal which was attended by 30 of the membership including several ‘other halves’. There would have been more people attending but it’s virtually impossible to get everybody together at the same time.

A very pleasant evening was spent at Goyo restaurant in Quesada and the meal was enjoyed by all. Just one small complaint about the starter being cold (no, it wasn’t Gazpacho!) otherwise everything went well.

The CAD is another example of a U3A success story. Originally there was the Current Affairs group which met monthly on a Thursday in the leader’s spacious apartment and there was also the Discussion group that met on the remaining Thursdays at La Mirada hotel. Current Affairs was just that whereas with the Discussion group the subject(s) could be about anything that the speaker chose to suggest.

Both groups grew in numbers until it was not possible for CA to continue in the apartment.  Now the two groups have combined and meet every week at the hotel. There is a large variety of nationalities and backgrounds attending and anything and everything is discussed. Virtually no holds barred.

The dreaded B***** word and Donald Trump are about the only taboo subjects!! Practically anything else is talked about in a light-hearted and interesting manner with quite a bit of humour thrown in.

For further details of this, and all the other activities on offer, visit the website torreviejaU3A.org. There’s sure to be something of interest to you.

Just a reminder to all existing members, this years AGM is being held on Mon. 27th Feb. This will be your chance to meet most of the committee and raise any queries that you may have.