Reach Out Christmas Fair Raises 2,433 Euros


Reach Out Christmas Fair

The recent “Reach Out” charity Christmas fair at the Marina Bar on Saturday the 17th November was again an outstanding success. Raising 2,433 Euros the fair topped last year’s total and delighted those who attended. Donations of prizes, gifts and money (some in coins valuing 153 Euros alone) were well received and a big thank you must go to all those kind people who donated.

Thanks to to the wonderful Phoenix band who played carols during the afternoon and also to Santa himself who spoke to the children and listened to their Christmas wishes. Donated too was a hand made chocolate cake courtesy of Bev who gave her support as usual and The Phoenix Club for their ongoing support and donations..

Thanks to all the various stall holders too, who helped to make the afternoon such a success and of course Rita and Dave of the Marina Bar and their hard working dedicated staff who were kept pretty busy all afternoon.

David and Lorraine Whitney of “Reach Out” shop two who organized the event were thrilled with the outcome and of the crowds of people who supported the charity. Together with their team of trusty volunteers the afternoon went along swimmingly.

Their next event at the Marina Bar will be the ever popular “Mingle Bells” on Friday Dec. 7th at 2pm. which includes a Christmas meal and gets people together for a pre Christmas fun afternoon.

Bookings are limited and are now being taken at the bar with a non refundable deposit of 5Euro a head. In closing we thank you the general public who never cease to amaze  with their generosity and support and who made this Christmas Fair an event to be proud of..

(The photo shows Lorraine Whitney, volunteer and organizer before the Fair with ‘Podge’ the ‘Name The Bear Prize”