PSOE critical of empty Social housing


PSOE critical of empty Social housing

In a statement issued on Tuesday Carolina Gracia said that “Orihuela is one of the cities in the Alicante Province where there is the greatest demand by low income families for affordable housing.”  She was criticising the fact that, despite there being an urgent requirement, there are still 36 apartments in Villamartin that remain empty, more than ten years after being built for sale as social housing.

Carolina Gracia

In total the properties were built but almost immediately abandoned because of their excessive pricing, however, two years ago the Ministry of Housing stepped in and reduced their cost. The development has 63 homes, of which 48 have three beds. The remainder are one and two bedrooms apartments.

Interest was brisk and many were sold but despite the initial flurry, 36 of the properties still lie empty. As such Gracia has submitted a motion in the Orihuela Plenary demanding that the Municipal Government request the Department of Housing to change the regime so that, instead of purchase, the 36 sheltered homes can in future be offered for rent.

“It is evident that Orihuela needs much more social housing and this would be a great opportunity for our municipality” concluded Gracia.