60% of this year’s forest fires caused by humans


60% of this year's forest fires caused by humans

The Forest Fire Research Operations Group (GOIIF) of the Generalitat has investigated the causes of 69 forest fires in the province of Alicante between January and August of this year. That number increases to 277 if you include the mountains of Castellón, where 63 fires have been investigated, and Valencia, with another 145, the region that has suffered the most outbreaks.

After the analysis of the causes by the GOIIF, it has been concluded that 98 fires (35.4%) are due to accidents or negligence, another 68 fires (24.5%) have been intentional and 82 (29.6%) have been due to lightning strikes. The remainder are still under investigation.

In the month of May there was a total of 20 fires in the Comunitat Valenciana, and between 1 and 12 August, another 28 fires. These are the two months of the year that see the greatest number.

In case of there being human causes, the reports are always sent to the prosecutor’s offices and, in the case of legal proceedings against the possible culprits, referred to the competent court as part of the judicial police function. Since 2012, reports of 1,735 fires have been dealt with using this process.

The GOIIF was established in 1994 and is composed of 14 environmental agents of the Generalitat who cover the entire territory. Its main mission is to investigate the causes of forest as well as to capture and provide useful information for the proper functioning of the Forest Fire Preventive Vigilance Plan.