Mojácar Ends its Sports School Year with Medal Presentation


Mojácar Ends its Sports School Year with Medal Presentation

As every year, the closure of Mojácar´s Sports School´s academic year was celebrated in the local football ground at Rio Abajo, with a mass gathering of students of all ages and disciplines attended by Rosmarí Cano, the town´s Mayor and, her government team.

Around three hundred students, supported by their friends and families, collected their “Merit for Sports Participation” medals that Mojácar Council presents to everyone who has attended classes in the various disciplines taught in the local Sports School.

Currently on offer is football, the most numerous with 147 children enrolled at all levels, rhythmic gymnastics, pre-sports games, karate, gym classes for seniors and padel.

This open air, end of year event formally brings the classes to an end with these sports lovers of all ages, along with family, friends and local Mojácar Councillors, all exchanging experiences and ideas, with new course plans in the pipeline.

The young karate students put on impressive display of skill, not to be outdone, however, by the senior gym class ladies who performed a modern choreographed routine. With so many students, there were a lot of medals to hand out, so the little ones were provided with inflatables and games to keep them occupied.

The next courses will start in autumn and, Mojácar, through its Sports Department, is already working on some new disciplines to add to the broad curriculum already on offer.