Mojácar’s nursery children visit their new school


Mojácar’s nursery children visit their new school

The children completing their final year at Mojácar’s “Garabatos” municipal nursery recently paid a visit to the town’s Bartolomé Flores School, where they will move over to in September.

Along with their teachers and Raquel Belmonte, the local Councillor for Children, the 30 little ones, aged between two and three, made their first contact with what will be their future school. 

After being welcomed by Headmaster, Francisco Baraza, they experienced a day which highlighted all the things that will form the next step in their educational studies, including a chance to meet their new teachers as well as see classrooms, play areas, sports facilities and the music class, where they spent some time singing and playing different instruments.

Every year this gradual, important introduction takes place, as the children move from nursery life and become young students.  Raquel Belmonte believes that getting the children to see their new classes and teachers in advance in a fun way helps alleviate any worries saying, “The Council attaches great importance to these youngsters and their education.

Following the advice of the professionals, we aim to do everything in our power to ensure they have a sound introduction and support for what is for them, a new challenge. ”

In the “Garabatos” nursery, the children are instilled at a very young age, with the basic social, environmental and life skills to pave the way for their important future academic years.