Arson attack in Torrevieja city centre


Arson attack in Torrevieja city centre

According to police reports, two cars were deliberately set on fire in the early hours of Friday morning in la avenida de las Habaneras, one of which was full of paint and many other combustibles.

Sources say that the situation could have turned to an absolute disaster but for the speedy intervention of city firefighters.

The blaze was reported at about 2am, initially affecting two parked cars.  Unfortunately it then extended to a number of additional vehicles, affecting also the first floor of the buildings and houses located next to where the cars were parked

When the firefighters arrived at the scene on car was already totally engulfed in flames. This was followed by an explosion that was caused by the reaction of the aluminium along with other material present.

After extinguishing the main fire, the bomberas were able to prevent the fire from reaching the fuel tank of a second vehicle as well as numerous cans of paint, all very flammable, which were stored on the rear seats and in the boot.

The Civil Guard, which has also supported the firefighters by establishing a security perimeter and regulating traffic together with the Local Police, suspects that the incident arose though deliberate means because the origin of the fire and the characteristics of the fire are similar to those of others that have occurred in the city in recent months.

According to sources the fire is originally set by using fuel although the causes of Friday morning’s blaze are still to be determined.

Image: Twitter@BomberosDipuALC