The World of Theatre comes to Mojácar Pupils


The World of Theatre comes to Mojácar Pupils

With the academic year drawing to a close, students at Mojácar’s Rey Alabez Secondary School recently had the chance to enjoy some very different activities that aimed to complement their educational training with sessions of cultural and personal development.

Organised by the Head of Mojácar Council’s Culture Department, Raquel Belmonte, the youngest pupils took part in a Theatre Workshop, led by the talented actress, teacher, researcher, theatre director and plastic artist, María del Carmen Sánchez. After an interesting talk on various perceptions on the world of theatre, the youngsters took part in fun exercises involving music, concentration, interpretation and improvisation.

María, who has been staying at the Valparaíso Foundation in Mojácar having received a grant from her host and the local Council, has an impressive background in both the academic and art worlds of theatre, dramatic writing, directing, singing and dance.

During her stay in Mojácar, she also developed her writings and research on the work of Polish, director of avant-garde theatre, J. Grotowski, whilst sharing her residency at the Valparaíso Foundation with other artists, writer Suneeta Peres da Costa and ceramist, Lucía Díaz.

As part of the events organized by the Mojácar’s Culture Department and Almería’s Provincial Council, the 3rd and 4th year pupils also attended a performance of “Baroque Entremeses” in the town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples, which involved three short pieces interpreted by Pedro Y which interspersed storyline with the revelation of the characters’ personalities.