PP demand better security to prevent terrorist attacks.


Seafront bollards being installed in Spetember 2107

PP councillor, Carmen Gómez Candel, has presented a motion demanding additional security in the city main streets, seafront and street markets against terrorist attacks.

The councillor reminded the municipal government of last year’s terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 17 people Barcelona. As a result of the attacks, the majority of Spanish cities adopted immediate emergency measures to try to prevent the access of vehicles to public areas and thus avoid massacres of this type. The municipality of Torrevieja opted for the placement of concrete bollards which were placed in appropriate locations.

In October 2017, the European Commission made available European funding to help national, regional and local authorities to better protect public spaces against such terrorist attacks.

The Partido Popular supported the emergency action carried out at the time, but given the fact that the protection and sense of security of the public must be permanent, the councillor said that she believes that the time has come for these concrete bollards to be replaced to improve the image of the city and to provide the necessary security, especially as the city looks ahead to the summer tourist season.

For that reason the PP has propose the following measures:

The placement of secure automatic bollards, which have hardly any environmental impact, are automatically activated and deactivated as the situation requires, which do not require a crane to be installed and removed and which can be installed in streets, on pavements, parking areas, perimeters of buildings, etc., in pedestrian areas and areas of street markets and parks and the resistance of which is adequate to prevent vehicle access.