In the evening of Easter Monday, a small group gathered in front of the olive tree recently planted to replace the previous memorial to Shila Bigdely, a young girl of 14 murdered 14 years ago in Playa Flamenca where she lived.  

Candles were placed in front of the plaque bearing her name, together with a drawing by Shila sent by her mother.   Some lines prepared by her mother were read out in Norwegian and English.   A poem written by her father was also read out.

This simple ceremony carried out with the full agreement of the parents who moved back to Norway after the tragedy was a response to the indignation caused by the abrupt and unannounced removal of the previous memorial to Shila on the orders of the Deputy Mayor and Citizens Party leader Juan Ignacio Lopez Bas.  

Mr. Lopez Bas has criticised those who took part in the simple ceremony on the evening of Easter Monday.   He claims that his action in ordering the removal of the previous monument was in response to demands by local residents.  

Many believe, however, that he was trying to get away with the removal of the previous memorial and when confronted with the reaction of indignation this provoked, he came up with the plan to plant an olive tree and place a plaque bearing Shila’s name in front of the tree.

It is fitting that the tragic death of this little girl be remembered permanently in Orihuela Costa where people of so many different nationalities and cultures seek to live together harmoniously.

CLARO Press Release