Expat car bursts into flames in Torrevieja

Expat car bursts into flames in Torrevieja

Torrevieja firefighters were called to tackle a car fire on the national highway N-332 just on the edge of the city on Tuesday.

The car is believed to have been carrying a British couple when it burst into flames at kilometre 63 of the N332 shortly after 11 am. Despite the rapid action of the firefighters, the car was completely burnt out.

The British couple were alerted as they detected a strong smell of smoke coming up through the foot well in the interior of the car. They quickly got out of the vehicle as it burst into flames.

Three vehicles of the Provincial Emergency Consortium arrived in a matter of a few minutes. Meanwhile, Local Police officers closed one of the lanes to traffic although it was allowed to pass freely on the other side of the road.

An hour earlier, firefighters had been called to an incident in San Miguel de Salinas where a car carrying an 88 year old man and a 77 year old woman had skidded off the road, crashing into a tree on the CV-95.

They woman was able to get out of the vehicle herself but it is understood that her male companion had to be cut free by the firefighters. The pair were transferred to the University Hospital where they were treated for multiple head injuries.