Elections to District Boards in Orihuela Costa


Voting for District X will take place in Ramón Campoamor Civic Centre, where there will be 2 voting booths.

Following the mayor’s promise to promote government through local democracy and the formation of District Boards the elections will be taking place in the coming days.
Candidacy forms are now available for anyone wishing to take part in the elections in either of the two Orihuela Districts, X or X1.

Much of the information is available on the FAOC Facebook page which shows details of the urbanisations and the districts in which they fall as well as the number of representatives that are being sought in each. Alternatively you can also find it at the end of this article.

Anyone wishing to participate must be registered on the municipal padrón. However you need not be registered on the electoral census of Orihuela. This will allow a good number of expatriates to participate in the voting.

It is understood that candidates may apply for consideration in each of the Districts as a resident, for which there will be 6 elected representatives, 4 representatives of associations that operate, exclusively, in one of the two districts and a further 3 representatives of associations that operate, simultaneously, in both districts, as is the case, for example, of FAOC.

But you better get your skates on as the closing date for registration, either through the council electronic office or in person, is Wednesday 21 March.

Once the lists of candidates have been compiled they will be displayed from 22 March – 6 April on the municipal website and in voting centres.

Voting will then take place on 9 April, from 2:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at:

District X: Ramón Campoamor Civic Centre, where there will be 2 voting booths.

District XI: Alameda del Mar Civic Centre, which will have one voting table.

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