UK Driving Licences not valid in Spain after BREXIT

UK Driving Licences not valid in Spain after BREXIT

Expats who intend to remain in Spain following BREXIT and who are not in possession of a Spanish Driving Licence will not be allowed to drive.

Officials at the EU have said that British Licences will not be valid in the EU after Brexit which would bring an end to the mutual recognition of driving licences and vehicle registration documents between Britain and the EU and as such, Britons could be banned from driving in EU countries.

As a ‘consequence of the UK becoming a third country in the road transport sector, all current EU law-based rights, obligations and benefits [would] cease’.

Not only could this stop drivers taking their own vehicles overseas, failure to reach an agreement could also see Britons blocked from hiring cars when on holiday without a special permit.

It would also affect those drivers who, although resident in Spain, continue to drive on a UK licence.

Perhaps now would be a good time to make that licence change prior to being rushed into it as next year’s deadline approaches.