Servef grant funds over 50 Orihuela jobs

Servef grant funds over 50 Orihuela jobs
Servef grant funds over 50 Orihuela jobs

A further Fifty unemployed people over 30 years of age were given good news this week when their employment by Orihuela Council was confirmed, each on a fixed term six month contract, thanks to a grant awarded by the Valencian Employment and Training Service (Servef).

In total, the Council has received 500,000 euros in two different grants; one for long-term unemployed and one for people registered as unemployed and over 30 years of age. These subsidies have allowed the city to increase it’s number of staff by 51 people.

The Councillor for Employment, Víctor Valverde, and the Councillor for Human Resources, Rafael Almagro, welcomed the new employees who will be distributed all the areas based on their work profile and capabilities.

Each of the 51 new contracts will be full-time for the next six months.

The councillor has said that it is good news to expand the municipal staff and strengthen areas such as Urbanism and Sports although the greatest benefit will be to Infrastructure as many of these people will enter the municipal working parties.

Valverde said, the year is ending with a total of 280 additional employees through grants and council funds. He added that he will continue to work toward reducing the unemployment figures in Orihuela that ended November with 5,215 unemployed.